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Tata Tiago ABS

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is a safety feature that has become very common in automobiles. This feature prevents the tyres from locking up and skidding in case of sudden braking. It helps maintain the control over the steering and helps the tyres keep a tractive contact with the road, in order to prevent skidding. ABS is also called as Anti-skid Braking System due to its function and is meant for the driver to maintain steering ability. Cars with ABS get stopped quicker on wet and slippery roads, as compared to those without ABS. Cars without ABS are difficult to control when sudden brakes are applied, especially on slippery surfaces, and skid as a result, which can prove to be very deadly.

Considering its price, Tata Tiago is quite feature-laden. In terms of safety features, the hatch is offered with ABS with EBD and corner stability control, along with many other features even in the base variant. Tiago is very efficient and powerful. More Tata cars with ABS.

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