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I have driven my new Tata Tiago to 400 kms and it delivers a mileage of 16 kmpl. Will its mileage improve? Can I reduce noise in cabin?

By: Deepak kholiya on 16 october 2016

1 Answers:

The claimed mileage of the petrol model of Tata Tiago is 23.8 kmpl and of the diesel model is 27.2 kmpl while in the real world conditions the mileage figures as per user reviews are 17-18 kmpl and 20-21 kmpl respectively.

So, if you own petrol Tiago, mileage should improve by 1-2 kmpl and if it is diesel Tiago then mileage should improve by 4-5 kmpl. A new car’s engine takes time to accustom, as when the engine is new, the friction between the engine parts is also at the maximum hence initially it delivers little low mileage, generally a new car takes 1000-1500 kms to deliver better mileage while after second service it deliver optimum mileage and remember fuel efficiency is also vastly depend on driving style, things like over-using clutch, aggressive driving, inappropriate gear selection etc. consumes more fuel, so avoid these things to get maximum mileage.

The NVH levels, although tweaked in the new models of Tata Tiago, but still pretty much present. At idling on a standstill, the vibrations and noise are pretty much present. Upon revving or driving beyond 20 kmph, the engine settles down to a much smoother tune and the vibrations are minimized to a great extent. You can reduce the noise in your car by applying sound dampening/deadening materials and there are many companies that offer great solutions for this.

fatim   2016-10-16

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