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Why my Tiago doesn’t make any alarm or buzzer sound while using reverse gear?

By: shankar on 24 december 2016

1 Answers:

Reverse Park Assist system in Tata Tiago provides audio and visual information through the vehicles infotainment
system. There are 4 ultrasonic sensors placed on the rear bumper of the car. Once the system is activated, the sensors will detect the proximity of an obstacle from the bumper, and this information would be displayed on the vehicles infotainment system. The reverse park assist automatically starts functioning once you engage reverse gear. Display will be seen on infotainment screen. But remember Turning the ignition ‘OFF’ ‘while the Park assist feature in running disables this feature.

Reasons for malfunctioning of reverse parking system are:

• Due to any reason, if the sensor gets misaligned or loses its intended fitment position.
• If there is dust, ice, mud, etc on sensor and it is not clean.
• Using water at high pressure for cleaning the sensor.
• Covering the sensor surface with additional fitment.

Sanjay   2016-12-24

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