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Which is better among Tata Xenon and Tata Safari?

By: Mr. R Yadav on 16 october 2014

8 Answers:

Tata Safari and Xenon XT both feature the same engine. That is 2.2L engine delivering power of 140PS and Torque of 320Nm. Tata Safari has huge presence as Sport utility vehicle. It has been revised now and then with contemproray styling and features thus maintianing the image of a premium SUV in the range of 10 to 13 Lakhs in present priceing. Tata Xenon is a fine blending of performance of Safari and utility of a commercial vehicle. The targetted customers are the owners of small scale industry like steel fabrications, machine parts and assembly suppliers and so on. The customers who look for both utility as a luggage carrier and a powerful and premium quality car for long drives. So, if the regular usage is for own purpose such as touring, Safari is best. For both touring and business utility, Xenon would be better.

Sonal Gupta   2014-10-16

Both Tata Safari and Tata Xennon XT are very good vehicle, its completely upto your requirements. Both of them gave same 2.2 Dicor engine which have already proved itself in last ten years. If you are looking for a vehicle only for off roading or touring purpose then you should go for Tata Xenon XT, else go for Tata Safari. With Tata Safari you will get large and luxurious passenger cabin.

Vandeep   2015-02-22

While TATA Safari is taller and wider than the TATA Xenon XT, TATA Xenon XT is a bit longer than the Safari. Safari is a bigger vehicle and can easily seat 7 riders comfortably, whereas Xenon XT can only seat 5 passengers. While both the engines deliver similar power, Safari is blessed with a rear wheel drive system. However, Xenon XT has a more advanced all wheel drive system. Xenon XT comes with several advanced safety features like the ABS, which is sadly absent in Safari.

Om   2015-03-05

TATA Xenon XT has a bigger wheelbase than the one found in TATA Safari, which translates into better cabin space for the five riders that can travel in Xenon XT compared to 7 riders that can travel in Safari. Safari on the other hand has bigger ground clearance and is a bit heavier than the Xenon XT. Xenon XT has 4 doors and 2 rows of seats, whereas TATA Safari has five doors and three rows of seats. Both Xenon XT and TATA Safari are powered by a 2.2 L 16 DOHC VTT DICOR motor attached to a 5 speed manual gearbox.

Ishan   2015-03-06

Tata Xenon is commercial cum utility vehicle and perfect for peoples who have business being operated by themselves, and Tata Safari is a premium segment vehicle. Both of them are on the same boat and having a similar engine. Coming down to the engine aspect where both of them uses the same engine so no differences can be made so far otherwise there is no other point where they can be compared as of their different utilities. The drivers den in Xenon XT is good and luxurious so of Safari’s interiors are good enough.

Hiten   2015-05-22

I am agreeing too, there is no point of distinction as the two vehicle is completely different in their use. One is a premium segment SUV and the other one is a carrier with some sense of luxury for the driver. Xenon is not a driver driven vehicle. Peoples having small business who have to carry stuffs with them will be interested in the Xenon XT. They are on the same engine a 2.2L on both the vehicles so engine is also not different. One distinction may be the reliability of the two, where safari is more reliable.

Arjun   2015-05-25

Even I have the similar thoughts, I own a safari as well as Xenon XT, and my safari engine capabilities driven me to buy the Xenon XT but I got surprised by the performance of XENON, even being on the same engine the two of them are quite different and Xenon XT is quite difficult to handle sometime. The off road capability that safari is having cannot be compared with Xenon XT where it scores a bog zero, I wonder why really!

Hishank   2015-05-27

I do agree with the same, I am a Xenon XT owner and have been listed my Xenon XT over on all online portals to sell but I am not getting a response. Maybe everybody knows the flaws it has. It is quite cumbersome to handle, you will not find skilled labor to repair it, for small issues your vehicle will be standing for months in hope of getting repaired. If Tata is not capable to handle vehicle maintenance, then why the hell Tata is selling it? They should call it back and issue a refund with interest to the owners.

Kapil   2015-05-29

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