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How to maintain Tata Xenon for long term usage?

By: Lashkaran on 28 december 2013

4 Answers:

Maintenance as per schedule is the key point for long life usage of any vehicle. Though the bill could be higher during major service intervals in need of changing all oils, coolent, replacement of timing belt, replace of hose pipes and so on. It saves money that you would have to spend if vehicle broke down at a remote place. General performance enhancers such as a premium quality diesel, synthetic engine oil and gear oil etc will always favor for long term usage. Some of the other measures that can be practiced are.,getting the anti rust coating now and then say around 2 years once or so. Getting body polish done at every service would improve glossy effect of the body and hence makes it feel like owning a new vehicle. 

Sonal Gupta   2013-12-28

Maintence of any Tata vehicle is quite easy for its genuine quality of parts and wide spread service network. You can find one in every sub areas of city and also in rural areas too. As parts are gettable and major spares dealer outlets, you can get the vehicle maintained through local mechanics too. However it is recommended to maintain with authorised service centers during warranty period for making usage of warranty benefits

Mahendra   2015-01-18

There are prescribed rules as to how best to look after your car so that you can ride it for years to come without facing any major problem. All the buyers must adhere to the tips given in the maintenance chart that comes with this vehicle to keep it in optimum condition, which will allow you to enjoy riding it for many years without the need for major repairs. Moreover, good maintenance also improves the life of the vehicle and if you want to sell it after a couple of years, then a well maintained car will give you a better bargain than a car which is poorly maintained.

Dhruv   2015-02-06

We should use common sense to keep our vehicle in good condition. These include keeping the vehicle away from rain and sun to improve its paint life. We should only use premium petrol or diesel, along with high quality engine oil to keep the engine running smoothly. The tyre pressure should be checked regularly to avoid extra pressure on the engine and regular servicing will keep your vehicle in tip top condition. All the cars come with a maintenance chart and we advise you to follow it strictly to improve the car’s life significantly.

Atharv   2015-02-08

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