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How is resale value of Tata Xenon?

By: Rajeev on 16 april 2014

7 Answers:

Tata Xenon has good lot of demand in used car market with its great combination of styling of a MUV with good lot of space for luggage. However the on road price of it ranges from 8 Lakh onwards and hence comparative price of used car is also higher. You can get a very good conditioned Xenon XT in the range of 6 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs. Though it is comes under a commercial vehicle. The engine used is very powerfu and torque of 320Nm can make it easy to drive in any roads. Wether it is a un repaired spoiled roads or a high way, you are assured of a trouble free driving along with the luggages to be delivered if used for small scale business and so on.

Sonal Gupta   2014-04-16

Tata xenon is a real multiple utility vehicle as it has the capacity to be used for both city ride and offroading. Great exterior styling and combined with strong build quality makes it a formidable player among similar vehicles. Its engine is also a good performer, generating 320Nm @ 1750rpm- 2700rpm. High speed stability and ride quality is also great. It's high maintenance cost can be a deterrent for the onwer. You can expect to garner a used one in good condition around 5.5 to 7 lakhs range.

Kajal   2014-04-30

Tata Xenon is a spacious as well as comfortable car that’s why its demand is always increases. It is a perfect combination of good looks and space. It’s on road price ranges from 8 lakhs so I think its resale value should be around 6 lakhs. But resale value of any car depends on many other factors like the condition of the car, usage years of the car and so on.

Monik   2015-04-18

Tata Xenon is mainly considered as a commercial vehicle, used for both for city drive and highways. I am also equally impressed with its exterior styling and space. I also believe as the resale value of any vehicle depends on many other factors so if you want to resale your Tata Xenon then, make sure it is in good condition. You can value your used car around 5 to 6 lakhs range.

Ram Swaroop   2015-04-20

As company uses powerful engine that generates 320Nm at 1750rpm to 2700rpm which is considered as good so you can expect to get good value of your used car. No doubt, resale value mainly depends on the car’s condition so if your car is in good condition then you can get around to 7 lakhs of your car. Really, this car of the Tata Series is high in demand due to its stylish looks and space. So you will get good value of this car.

Madhur   2015-04-22

TATA Xenon XT is a remarkably powerful vehicle that can run on any surface with relative ease. This muscular looking pickup van is used for many purposes, but it is mainly used as a commercial vehicle, you can also use it for off road driving purposes because of its high torque. TATA Xenon XT is retailing at Rs. 10 lakhs so you can easily get a well-maintained Xenon XT at a price range of Rs. 5.5 lakhs to Rs.8 lakhs.

Akshay   2015-04-23

The resale value of any car is dependent upon many factors. Like are all the legal papers are in order, how well maintained the car is, how powerful the engine is, the condition of the engine, number of purposes the vehicle can be put to use, its brand value and so on. TATA Xenon XT being a pickup truck is mainly used for commercial purposes and sometimes for off the road travel. If everything is fine then you may get around Rs. 6 to Rs. 7 lakhs for your second hand Xenon XT in the market.c

Sharman   2015-04-24

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