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What are the pros and cons of the Tata Xenon XT?

By: Samna on 9 april 2015

6 Answers:

Tata Xenon XT Pros:
1-Perfect vehicle for multi-utility purpose.
2-The powerful engine is performed very well.
3-Comfortable cabin with plenty of space.
4-Fantastic handling and high-speed stability on rough roads.
5-Equipped with lots of advance safety features.
Tata Xenon XT cons:
1-Difficult to drive in city traffic because of its big size.
2-Fuel economy is also not up to the mark, need to improve.
3-The engine's noise is harsh and must be further reduced.
4-Initial cost of ownership and maintenance is high.

TeamAutoportal   2015-04-09


a) Great Engine performance.

b) It has good handling and ride quality is also comforting.

c) It has excellent control over sharp turns that's why it is a good off roader and mountain cruiser.

d) Its exterior looks are quite Impressive and build quality also look strong.


a) High purchasing and ownership cost.

b) Interiors look quite plasticy and bland, have room for improvement.

c) Fuel economy can be improved a bit.

d) High cabin noise must be reduced

Shilpa   2015-04-20

a) The vehicle has a great pick up on road.
b) 2.2-litre aluminum engine is powerful and great in performance.
c) The steering gives good driving access and control.
d) Design is stylish inside as well as outside.
a) Disappointment in terms of mileage maybe seen.
b) Constraint of space while parking the car.
c) Air bags or ABS is missing.
d) Due to lack of good insulation in the interiors, the propeller shaft is audible inside the car

Sohail   2015-04-29

Pros: Powerful engine, fantastic exteriors, comfortable cabin, ride quality, excellent control, lots of space, high speed stability, advanced safety features, and fantastic handling are some of the advantages of Tata Xenon XT. Cons: Difficult to drive on city roads, noisy engine and higher cabin noise, higher price, bland interiors, lower fuel economy are some of the low points of Tata Xenon XT. It is a little on the higher price range.

Barun   2015-05-05

Pros: • It has a powerful 2.2 L 16 Valve DOHC VTT DiCOR engine with great performance • It has good handling and the ride quality of this car is also very comforting. • It is Equipped with lots of advance safety features. • Its exterior and interior looks are quite Impressive. Cons: • It is really difficult to drive on city roads because of its huge size thus making it less popular among the city peoples. • It has a high purchasing cost which does not makes it much economical • The engine's noise is harsh and must be further reduced. • It’s high fuel consumption is its another problem which makes it less popular among the buyers.

Nimesh   2015-06-23

Speaking about overall ride quality, the Tata Xenon performs in a true pick-up truck manner. Precisely speaking, the ride gets better as the cargo inside increases. Steering however has improved a lot and one should have no problem in shifting this car in the desired direction he/she intends to travel; but it has a somewhat indistinct feel. The ventilated discs at the front and the drums at the back come up with decent braking performance. Yet, it should be remembered that this car weighs almost two tonnes. Leaving aside the quirks and flaws of this ride, it's a reliable option.

Usaf   2015-06-29

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