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How many kilometers i can go on full tank of Tata Xenon XT?

By: Yatin on 19 june 2015

8 Answers:

Hello Yatin !!

TATA has launched its cross terrain new lifestyle truck and also an SUV variant known as TATA Xenon XT. It is loaded with a 2.2 VTT Dicor technology and an tremendous power of 139 bhp and also contains the transmission of 5 speed manuals. It provides the fair city mileage of 10.24 in city and 13.49 in highway. So it questioned the how far it proceed in full tank then I ensure that it wil go atleast 665.6km in city and 876.85 km in full fuel storage.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-19

The Tata Xenon is a commercial segment pickup with a luxury segment experience. The Pick-up has been a luxury segment vehicle. It is more on the British style pickup trucks where people are carrying a truck with them to take care of the business by themselves. This Vehicle is having a luxury segment features like good and spacious cabin along with a very good air-conditioning system. The vehicle gives a decent mileage 14 KMPL, and one can go 900 KMS without having any issues.

Nihaar   2015-06-27

The Tata Xenon XT is a British made vehicle on British technology with all the luxury inside as the above user has written in his answer. The truck is an optimal solution for that business man who carries a lot of stuffs at back. The vehicle gives a decent mileage of 13-14 Kilo meters per liter. The vehicle is having a 65 liter fuel tank which is capable of carrying the truck up to 900 to 930 kilo meters easily.

nitish   2015-07-30

I am agreeing with the above statement, even I am using the Xenon XT for my business purpose. I am having a small business and need to carry stuffs from here to there three to four times a day. The vehicle is very good in terms of the engine with a safari Storme engine inside and gives decent mileage as well. The vehicle gives a decent mileage of 10 on average in mixed mode; one tank full of 65 liters will definitely take you a minimum 650-700 kilometers.

jasmin   2015-07-09

I am agree too, even I have a liquor business and I always have to hire a vehicle which was costing a lot on pocket, then I heard about it and very first day I went to buy the truck. The truck has saved a lot of money of mine and the best part of it is I can drive it by myself. The vehicle is having a 65 liter fuel tank with an average of 13 kilo meter per liter, it easily goes up to 850 Kilometers of average. When you are going with the load the average will come down to 10 KMPL.

alok   2015-07-23

The Tata Xenon XT is a personal carrier for whom who are looking for the luxurious trucks popular overseas which can also be used to carry stuffs from one place to other without getting a need to hire professional carrier services. You can be at the comfort your own SUV with due luxury side by side you can make it easy to carry goods as well. The Xenon XT is having a mileage of 9 KMPL in the city and 12 KMPL over the highways so 650 KMs can easily fetch.

Bhavisya   2015-07-28

Yes I am not agreeing with the last line regarding the mileage. The Tata Xenon XT is a pioneer truck with a good driving dynamics and safety features inside. But the vehicle is really very bad at mileage. Again your mileage becomes dependent on certain conditions; if you are driving the vehicle without load then you can expect an average mileage of 10 KMPL where as if you have some heavy load then the vehicle will not even give 8 KMPL mileage, so with load approx 520 KMs and without load 650 KMs.

Sheetal   2015-07-29

Really the load affects the mileage a lot. The Xenon XT is not at a fit place as it has not been made for Indian roads. The condition of roads and weather doesn’t support the British technology to sustain well in the Indian scenarios. Hence a weak performance comes out of the engine. The giant 65 Liter fuel tank can take you to 650-670 KMS based on the driving conditions. In the city the vehicles gives a mileage of 8-9 KMS per liter at the same time the same goes up to 10-11 KMPL over the highways.

Mangesh   2015-07-30

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