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What are the improvements in Tata Zest as compared to Indigo eCS?

By: Fath on 10 december 2014

20 Answers:

Tata Zest is completely improved version of Indigo. It’s a perfect blend of features of Manza in compact size sedan version. Features like striking projector headlamps with LED Light guide rings, Daytime running lights, LED headlamps with wrap around looks, premium dual tone dashboard in Java black and Latte and lot more features make it a completely new car. Starting from body style to new gear automatic gear shifting mechanism complete set of new features are introduced in this model . Also price is smartly placed in the range of 4.5 to 7 Lakhs ex showroom.If you prefer Tata cars then you wont be disappointed this time.

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-14

Tata Indica Zest is a true modern car in all senses taking Tata Cars to greater heights from image of very familiar body style of Indica carried forward in sedan cars. Tata Motors also has introduced lot of latest features like New powertrain, new suspensions, new dual tone interior design including accoustics design and lot more. Its a completely refreshed version of Indigo eCS and a very good choice as new entry level sedan.

Shahid   2015-01-01

Tata Zest launched recently this car and has amazing features when compared to Indigo eCS. The logo of TATA is bigger and bolder now. The look of the car is better than that of Indigo. While Tata Zest has headlight off and ignition key off reminder, Seat Belt Warning, Low Fuel Level Warning, Indigo doesn’t have these. Head rests are available for Front and Rear while Indigo doesn’t have the Rear one. Tata Zest has 3 years of manufacturer warranty whereas Indigo has 2 years of warranty.

Sipika   2015-01-15

Tata Zest Quadrajet is an improved version of Tata Indigo. It has all the features of Manza, like the projector headlamps, LED day time running lights, dual tone dashboards, and various other features. From the body style to the new automatic gear transmission system, Zest has more number of features and advancements than Indigo. Also, the ex-showroom price of the car is around 4.5 to 7 lakhs, which is quite reasonable.

Asad   2015-01-30

Tata Zest has come as a totally refurbished version of the earlier Indigo eCS. And as the car has marked its entry into the latter half of 2014, it is bestowed with features that are in vogue these days. The features include changes in the headlamps like daytime running lights and LED projector lamps, better suspension system comprising of McPherson Strut and Twist Beam with Coil Springs, a BS IV compliant engine, 15 inches wheel size (14 inches in Indigo eCS), 390 litres of boot space (380 litres in Indigo), et al.

Nakul   2015-02-05

Tata Zest scores over its predecessor, Tata Indigo eCS in quite a few areas. Starting with bigger dimensions of 3995mm x 1706mm x 1570mm (LXWXH), there is a lengthier wheelbase of 2470mm, thus more space inside the cabin. The mileage, power and torque figures have undergone improvements too such as 19.2 Kmpl within the city and 23 Kmpl on the highways as against its predecessor’s 16.04 Kmpl and 19.09 Kmpl respectively, besides having a BS IV compliant engine in lieu of the BS III in Indigo eCS.

Ashsih   2015-02-14

TATA Zest and TATA Indigo eCS have almost similar dimensions. Even they look similar except for their engine grille, headlamp clusters and air dams. Both these cars can seat 5 people comfortably. The TATA Zest has a more powerful engine and an electric power steering to comfortably handle the car. TATA Zest is better furnished with a lot of comfort features to make the travel time of the riders comfortable and memorable. Though, you have to pay a bit more to own the TATA Zest, it is worth every bit of extra money you pay for it.

Bhikhu   2015-02-27

TATA Zest is powered by a Revotron 1.2 T petrol engine with 1193cc displacement capacity. TATA Indigo eCS on the other hand is powered by a MPFI Petrol engine with 32-bit microprocessor BS4 emission compliant that has a displacement capacity of 1193cc. TATA Zest additionally comes with several features that are not present in the TATA Indigo eCS. These features include engine immobilizer, tilt control, steering wheel, headlight off and the ignition key off reminder, cup holders, door pockets, body coloured remotely controlled OVRMs with turn indicators and Door ajar warning. Moreover, TATA Zest comes with one year extra warranty.

Gautam   2015-03-02

Tata Zest has revotron engine while eCS is having quadrajet engine. Tata zest is having automatic transmission option but indigo have manual transmission. Zests have automatic climate control but indigo eCS have manual air-conditioning system. Zest has airbags but indigo have no airbags. Additionally zest have better design, better engine, exterior and interior and intelligent system what Indigo eCS is just a generic car at low end. So zest is the winner in the segment.

Hemant   2015-06-13

I am agreeing with the above statement, Zest have better exterior and Interior than indigo. Coming down to safety zest have additional modern safety system than the indigo eCS like airbags, engine immobilizer, steering adjustment, automatic climate control, more controls over the digital speedometer like average display, 2-Din audio, and 6+ speakers while indigo have 4 only. Tata Zest has better engine as well as effective braking system than indigo eCS.

Munaaz   2015-06-15

Tata zest is obviously the winner in this comparison as zest is having all the modern amenities which are not there in indigo eCS. Tata zest comes with revotron engine having economy, sport and average mode but quadrajet engine of indigo is having no such facilities. The engine is also powerful zest have 1.3L with maximum power of 89kW@4000 RPM and 200Nm@1750 RPM torque. The indigo is winner in mileage section as it is giving more mileage than Tata Zest.

Naresh   2015-06-17

Tata indigo is a very basic car with basic set of interior and exterior, where as the Zest is fully loaded car with almost all the amenities which can be accommodated the price segment. If we have to describe some of the differences that that must be the divorce of Tata with bad design cars. They have got some good cars into their portfolio with the latest gadgets, safety features, super exterior, good plastic in interiors and a cool engine with manual and automatic transmission option.

Kanishk   2015-06-19

I am completely agree with the above statement, really Tata get divorced from bad quality design and features. Tata is fully equipped itself with almost every features. It has latest technologies like ABS, center locking, automatic climate control, dual airbags, power windows, with good mileage of almost 23 KMPL and a powerful engine. Tata zest is not going to leave you disappointed. If you are planning to buy a Tata then you must be making a good decision this time.

Arpit   2015-06-22

Tata Zest should have some more interior space. Sometimes it become hectic to travel longer while seating inside the zest, I am also agree on space part. Now coming to the car specs, it has a very powerful engine and sports mode is awesome, where you can achieve superb speed with decent mileage. I prefer my Zest while travelling distances up to 500 KMS from my home as it becomes uncomfortable for rides longer than that.

Parag   2015-06-24

I am not agree at all, Tata has just been added some of the good features inside the car but when it comes to the overall experience, the Tata will make you down. Worst quality of plastic used, and that mileage of 23 KMPL is just indicative, I can bet on that. I hardly get 16-17 KM per liter. Even I got flaunted by the design and after listening to its features but end of the day I realized that Zest is having no super power, No comfort and not reliable yet Along with the super duper worst customer service.

Ashwin   2015-06-26

The most important upgrade in zest with comparison to the Indigo eCS is the exterior, finally Tata managed to get rid of its stupid designs and people can expect some good design cars from Tata. The another important difference is there in the engine, Tata Zest have got the better quadrajet engine in place of the conventional common rail CR4 engine. It has a better power and performance as well as a bigger fuel tank. But the common rail engine is having better mileage than the quadrajet engine. Zest is having better boot space as well.

Sarfraz   2015-07-09

I am agreeing with the above statement, The Zest have got some better nerves than the Indigo eCS like engine, torque and power. The suspension of the Zest is better. The exterior is miles ahead what Indigo eCS is having; Interior can be seen positively as well with touch screen controls and automatic climate control and lot more. The Zest has automatic transmission option with comparison to the manual transmission of the Indigo eCS.

Angad   2015-07-11

I am agreeing with the above answer as well, the zest is way ahead in terms of the design, look and feel as well as the interior and exterior quality of the Zest than the convention Tata ride indigo eCS. The Zest is having automatic transmission option where there is no such functionality in the Indigo. The engine is the upgraded from the common rail engine to quadrajet which has better power and performance.

Toheem   2015-07-13

Well. The Tata zest and indigo eCS have a lot of differences between the two; the zest is a complete upgrade over the Indigo eCS whether it is interior or exterior. An upgraded engine with better power along with ample leg room, head room and boot space. The dimensions of the Tata Zest are bigger then what eCS is having. In terms of the safety and the security the Tata zest is pioneer with ABS and EBD, child locking center locking and a lot more.

Charan   2015-07-15

My intense feelings are with the Zest. What an awesome and legendary car from Tata after ages. Zest and bolt are the two strong pillars of Tata now. From headlamps to the tail it’s all upgraded. The Zest comes in automatic version also, and it has ABS and EBD. Zest has been equipped with the airbags which is lacking in case of the Indigo eCS. The infotainment system of the Zest is far better than what we have in case of indigo.

Latik   2015-07-17

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