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How to increase the braking efficency of Tata Zest?

By: Mohan on 2 july 2015

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Hello Mohan !!

For increasing the braking efficiency of the car, you have to keep your car well maintained, and the braking efficiency should be checked in the servicing of the car, all the necessary brake fluids should be present in the car. Because braking is utmost important in cars, for the safety. Moreover You should timely service your car. And also make sure there is no vapour inside the braking fluid.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-07-02

To keep the car in good shape, it is important that the car is well maintained. If the car remains in a good shape then the breaking system will also stay as good as new for a long period of time. Regular monitoring and servicing at intervals is important. Avoid riding the car on rough roads and on extremely high speeds. Even when the car is being driven on high speeds, try to avoid sudden breaking and in turn apply the requisite pressure. Not pressurizing the brakes beyond the ideal limit will help to increase the breaking efficiency of the car.

Abhishek   2015-07-04

When you want to ride safely in the car, then you need ensure that the braking system is great. To increase the braking efficiency, you will have to maintain the car in the right manner. Taking the car for timely service is essential.

Yashwant   2015-09-25

Driving the car in the right manner will ensure all the systems in the car would be in the right condition. When you want to maintain the braking system in the right manner, then you need to ensure that the car is serviced in the frequency recommended by the manufacturer.

Babbal   2015-09-27

If you want to keep the car in the good shape, then you need to maintain the car well. The braking system will remain perfect for years, only if you are servicing the car in the right intervals. Do not pressurize brakes above the allowed limit.

Manjeet   2015-09-29

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