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How can I increase the mileage of Tata Zest?

By: KAMLESH HARSHA on 31 july 2015

6 Answers:

Mileage of the car would drop significantly if you are running in the city. Note that the car's mileage depends on number of variables like gearchanges, tyre pressure, aggressive driving (in which the engine does not run close to idle) etc. Tata Zest claims a combined mileage of 17.57kmpl in ideal conditions. In real world, you should be able to get close to 15kmpl. In case you are not getting a mileage of 15kmpl even on highways, I would suggest you to get your car checked at the nearest service station and inform them about the problem. 

Swaraz   2015-08-08

The mileage of this car can be vastly tweaked after performing regular checks of the engine from time to time. Even after warranty has ended it is wise to always get engine checked after every 4-5 months so that the performance the mileage remains intact for years to come and go.

Akshit Anand   2015-09-01

The mileage is a factor which depends on lot of other factors of the car. Such as do not carry overweight in the car so that it gives good mileage. Turn off AC when it is not required and also you can get high octane fuel to get a better mileage.

Nitish Phoughat   2015-09-03

The mileage vastly depends on the car and the fuel used. I suggest you use the Reliance petrol pump fuel to get maximum mileage out of your car and that you never ever face any kind of problems with the engine efficiency and working. I always use Reliance fuel personally.

Sanjeev Thakur   2015-09-04

The mileage of this car cannot be changed if you do not tune it for yourself instead. But the changing mileage can cost a lot upon the performance of the car its speed and power. So I would suggest not to tweak the engine as it already has a very good mileage.

Rajeev Soni   2015-09-05

The zest is a low range car but still has a good mileage compared to its counter parts. You can get even better mileage on using better quality of fuel for it. But that will cost more anyways so its better to utilize the current mileage you have which is very good.

Mukesh Bhardwaj   2015-09-07

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