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Is there any rusting issue in Tata Zest?

By: Manabendra on 3 january 2017

1 Answers:

No, there is no rusting issue in Zest and other Tata cars, iron oxide forms easily and all vehicles can develop rust in any region or environment and no vehicle is completely protected. Generally the primer and paint manufacturers use on cars provides some protection from rust, but if this coating is damaged from scratches or dents, moisture can make contact with the bare metal under the paint. Without the protection of the coating, the car will begin to rust and if you live near the ocean, your vehicle is more susceptible to rust due to the high salt content of the humid ocean air. So, it is advisable to examine your car regularly external painted parts will show rust when the paint bubbles or blisters up. On other metal parts, just look for the beginnings of rust.

vinay   2017-01-03

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