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What are the features by which Camry is called Chauffeur-Driven?

By: Radhesh on 16 january 2015

7 Answers:

The most enthusiastic drivers too ditch the front seat of the camry for its unfathomable rear seat features, which include a first in segment power recliner seats and three zone air conditioning. The seating posture can be custom adjusted for most ergonomically comfortable position. The switches for the seat control and AC are present on the central armrest along with sunblind control and music control. Even the front seats can be adjusted from rear to provide even more leg room.
TeamAutoportal   2015-01-16

Toyota has loaded Camry with many luxurious features and most of them seem directed towards rear passenger comfort rather than the driver's pleasure. The rear seats have a first in its class feature of power reclining through which the rear passenger have to just press a button to recline his seats up to his liking. Similarly, the rear passenger has been also given control of AC and music system. All the control are housed in the central armrest. The legroom for the front seats can also be adjusted from rear easily.

sneha   2015-01-31

Toyota Camry has all the superb features which is pointing towards the rear seat. There is some biasness with the driver as the rear seat have got 8 degree recliners, power sun shades and window sun shade for privacy, customizable air-condition zones, music controls in hands of rear passenger, wood finish rear arm-rest all are designed to give camry rear pessengers comfort. This is why camry is said to be Chauffeur-Driven

Mrinal   2015-06-09

I agree with the above statement, and the answer is enough to prove the genuinity of the statement but we should not think that way. A driver is not supposed to be very comfortable like getting over to the recliners otherwise extra rest can become extra burden and some fatal situation may happen. So a driver should be alert. In my view this is the reason Camry why this luxury is not given to driver’s seat but obviously it will make drivers jealous.

Sunny   2015-06-11

Toyota Camry is said to be chauffeur-driven sometimes, I have heard about it also. At least the kind of specialty given to the rear passenger states that only. I agree as more comfort has been given to the rear passenger. I do agree with the above statements. But it can be thought in other way also, the person driving the car is also having similar facilities over the front, it’s not just for co-passenger. So maybe it’s been thought either you drive or seat behind car will take care of you.

Vedant   2015-06-13

I don't agree with the chauffer-driven concept. I own a Camry and I like it the most. Everybody have different think tank in the top. I drive my Camry and take my baby to school by making him seat behind. I drive my mother, wife to different places so that comfort is for them. It gives them feel special and having the ownership and control over the car. So I like the way it is been defined. Sometimes my wife drives and I enjoy at the back so it’s a myth for me.

Kahit   2015-06-14

The luxury and comfort which this car offers to the rear passenger is quite superb. Owing to this, this car is always perceived for a person who wants to sit back, relax and enjoy luxury rather than driving through busy lanes. There is ample amount of rear legroom. Further, there are rear AC vents, rear armrest with audio, rear sun shade and AC control switches, cup holders and additional storage. Further, you can recline the rear seats to your liking by power buttons. Even you can adjust the front gap of seats from the back.

Sharman   2015-06-19

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