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What kind of safety features Toyota Camry comes with?

By: parag on 16 april 2015

7 Answers:

Toyota Camry is a premium compact sedan. It houses a lot of safety features, including 7 airbags, including front driver and passenger airbag, front side airbags, curtain airbag and a driver knee airbag. Other safety features, includes vehicle stability control, hill start assist control, electronically controlled brake system, rear camera, clearance & back sonar, impact sensing fuel cut-off, speed sensing auto-lock, front 3-point ELR seatbelt with pre-tensioner and force limiter, smart key remind warning, immobilizer alarm, ISOFIX and a top tether anchor for child seats and lane change indicator.

Prabir   2015-04-16

Toyota Camry 2015 2.5L is a completely safe sedan. It comes with lots of safety features, which include 7 air bags, both in front and back. There are airbags on the curtains, and also on the driver’s knee. Other features include stability control, brake system, which is electronically controlled, and rear cameras, speed-sensing auto locks, force limiter, immobilizer alarm, child locks, lane change indicators, etc. And, if there is an impact, the fuel gets cut off too.

Ahmed   2015-04-25

Toyota Camry is a right choice for the comfort plus safety seekers. Company used every advanced technique to install many safety systems and made it is a premium compact sedan. Its safety systems include, 7 airbags, vehicle stability control, electronically controlled brake system, speed sensing auto-lock, rear camera, smart key remind warning and much more. In terms of safety, this car will be an ultimate choice for you. So go ahead.

R.k. Yadav    2015-05-29

Manufacturer made this car as a safest car by installing so many safety systems, including 7 airbags. These airbags come for front side airbags, curtain airbags, driver and passenger airbags. Due to its extensive safety measures, i always recommend this car to my friends and family members. Rear cameras, electronically controlled brake system, speed sensing auto locks, immobilizer alarm and much more are the main safety systems installed in this Toyota Camry.

Sheetal   2015-05-30

For me safety is a main concern while buying any car. I always go through all the safety systems installed in any particular car. So when I was planning to buy a car, one of my friend recommend me this Toyota Camry then I did good research for this car. I was totally convinced with the safety systems of this car. I am really very happy to own this car as it has several essential safety systems for driver as well as for passengers.

Karuna   2015-06-01

I am 100% agree with the above replies for the safety systems of the Toyota Camry. Really, company did good job and used every new technique to make this car an ideal selection for the safety seekers like me. Engineers of Toyota installed total 7 airbags both for driver as well as passenger. In addition to airbags, it offers many other safety measures like rear camera, electronically controlled brake system, immobilizer alarms and much more.

Tanya   2015-06-02

Toyota Camry, being a classy sedan car, does come with a number of safety features which makes it more desirable. It contains 7 air bags including the front passenger air-bag and the driver knee air-bag, curtain ones along with front and rear ones as well. Other safety features in the car are vehicle stability control, brake system controlled electrically, hill start assist control, rear camera, clearance, impact sensing fuel cut-off, speed sensing auto lock, seat belts with force limiter, smart key reminder, immobilizer alarm and lane change indicator. All of these features make the car extremely safe to be driven on the road.

Ashmeet   2015-06-25

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