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Why new Toyota Camry has low ground clearance?

By: Srinivas on 2 july 2015

4 Answers:

Hello Srinivas !!

This wide bodied luxury sedan from Toyota has an average ground clearance of 160 mm. This measure of ground clearance is considered less than what is required for such a car in the Indian road conditions. But, one good thing about the low ground clearance of this car is that it has a low center of gravity that allows it to take sharp bends at high speed without the fear of toppling over. which is a very good feature.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-07-02

The Toyota Camry has been provided with an average ground clearance of 155 mm. While considering average Indian roads, the Camry’s ground clearance can be considered to be on the lower side. A low ground clearance can make the car prone to damages, but also has a certain benefit attached. Having a low ground clearance, allows the Camry to have a low centre of gravity, which helps to balance the car better. Especially, when taking sharp turns on high speeds, the car is much more stable and can avoid getting toppled over. This adds to the dependability of the Camry.

Arzu   2015-07-04

The new Toyota Camry has 160mm of ground clearance which is slight lesser than its previous version which use to comes with 165mm of ground clearance. The vehicle is very luxurious and it is equipped with very powerful engine. To keep the vehicle stable at high speed, Toyota has slightly reduced the ground clearance of the vehicle. This ground clearance is not very poor, you just need to take care of speed breakers.

Rajnish   2015-08-27

Toyota Camry 2015 is offering its customers with good clearance which is about 160 mm but on the other hands, considering the requirements of the road condition of India this is still less. It delivers a key advantage to the customers as it has a low center of gravity.

Harshad   2015-10-15

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