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I had installed an anti-burglary alarm and a sound system to my Toyota Camry but noticed that the battery of my car got discharged within 3 days if the car was not started. I have removed the alarm but the problem is still not resolved. I have also replaced the battery but the case is still the same. Please suggest.

By: Naimishi on 24 may 2016

1 Answers:

There seems to be a deeper issue than what you’re saying because this is not expected to happen in a high end vehicle from the Toyota group. I would recommend you to visit the nearest authorized service station and get your car checked because there might be a problem with the wiring that was done during installation of burglar alarm system or something. Even though you have removed the alarm, the fault is still present which is causing the discharge of the battery. The sound system on the other hand does not lead to any problem as such but again I would recommend you to please get it checked from an authorized Toyota service station only for a complete analysis and they would be able to provide you with an appropriate solution as well.

Harul   2016-05-24

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