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Which is better among Toyota Corolla Altis and Honda Civic

By: Lalit on 2014-06-08

3 Answers:

Both are well proven performance sedans with reputation of advanced technology cars. Especially that of usage of CVT and paddle shift technology for varying gear ratios. Honda Civic is available in petrol version only and Corolla Altis is available in both petrol and diesel versions. In petrol versions, the power and performance are almost equal. To select one, Corolla Altis makes a better option for its larger dimensions with interior space and larger boot space too.

Sonal Gupta     2014-06-08

Toyota corolla altis and Honda Civic both are premium sedans. Both the cars belong to reliable Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda. Civic is available only in petrol version whereas you have option of both petrol and diesel in Corolla altis. Both of them comes with auto-transmission option. On dimension front, corolla altis is the bigger car. Interior space in terms of headroom and legroom is much larger in corolla than civic. On energy front, civic generates 132 PS and 170 Nm of torque while altis gives 138 BHP and 173 NM torque. Corolla altis have a much larger boot than civic. Given the larger boot and interior space corolla altis is the better choice among the two.

Zara    2014-29-08

Both the Toyota Corolla Altis and the Honda Civic are one of the best selling sedans in the Indian market for their segment. Both are products of Japanese manufacturers, and they each have their fair share of fans, they have certain differences that set them apart. Firstly, the Altis is available in both petrol and diesel variants in India, whereas the Civic is available in petrol only. Engine-wise, Altis generates 138 BHP and 173 NM torque, while the Civic provides 130.2 BHP and 170 Nm of torque. The Altis also has a larger interior and boot space than the Civic.

Ritesh    2015-23-04

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