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what is the mileage of corolla altis petrol in automatic transmission in city and highway?

By: Prateek laddha on 24 june 2015

8 Answers:

Hello Prateek laddha !!

As per users experience the city mileage of Toyota Corolla Altis variant Toyota Corolla Altis G AT Petrol 1798cc automatic transmission is around 11 kmpl and the highway mileage is around 14.5 kmpl.

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Team autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-26

The mileage on the Toyota Corolla Altis is a bit on the lower side. The petrol variant- Toyota Corolla Altis G AT Petrol 1798cc- isn’t different either. On automatic transmission, the Corolla Altis delivers an average of 14.3 kmpl. On city drives, the average mileage, per litre of petrol, is 11 kmpl. For highways, the average mileage stays around 14.5 kmpl. In case of the air conditioning is kept on, the mileage can vary in the range of 1-2 kmpl below the mentioned mileages. The mileage is also subject to regular maintenance of the vehicle and conditions of the roads.

Abeer   2015-06-30

The Toyota Altis has petrol variants are equipped with a 1798cc, it can churn out a peak power output of 138.08bhp at 6400rpm in combination with a maximum torque of 173Nm at 4000rpm. The engine is mated with and 7-speed super CVT-i sequential shiftmatic transmission gearbox and the engine are capable of delivering 9.5 Kmpl under city traffic and the automatic trims can generate a maximum mileage of 13.5 Kmpl on the highways.

Achraj   2015-07-05

The petrol engine is equipped with a 1789 cc, and the engine can generate a maximum power of 138.08bhp@ 6400rpm and a maximum torque of 173Nm @ 4000rpm. The engine couple with a 7 speed CVT-i sequential shiftmatic transmission gearbox. This car gives decent mileage of 9kmpl in the city and on the highways the mileage of 14kmpl, which is also approved by the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India).

Yaabir   2015-07-08

The Toyota Corolla Altis is a luxury segment vehicle. The engine of 1.8L with 140 PS power and 173 Nm torque is tweaked to give enough power and fuel efficiency. The Toyota Corolla Altis is said to be giving a mileage of 14.5 KMPL as per ARAI. But in real life conditions the Toyota Corolla gives an average of 9 KMPL and over the highways it has a 12-13 Kilometers per liter. This is not having a fuel efficient engine.

Gaytri   2015-07-20

I am agreeing with the above statements regarding the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Toyota corolla Altis gives a good mileage when compared to the rivals having the same engine. The vehicle is having a powerful 1.8 L engine. It gives a decent mileage of 12 KMPL on average. The vehicle is having a tank capacity 55 liters which is able to take the vehicle upto 660 kilometers easily without getting in to a need of refueling.

nidhi   2015-08-02

The new Toyota Corolla Altis gives a very descent mileage of 14.5kmpl in highways and smooth tracks while in city it gets reduced to 11kmpl. To obtain better mileage Tayota Corolla Altis has to do a lot of hardwork to improve. They must think upon this point to have a better market in the coming year.

Naved   2015-09-16

The mileage of Corolla Altis is around 12kmpl in city but in highways it gets better and reaches to 15kmpl. The presence of suspension and shockers help improve the efficiency of the car. To get your car a good mileage it must be aerodynamically designed so that the resistance doesn’t let decrease it mileage and fuel efficiency.

Nidhi   2015-09-18

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