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What versions of Toyota Corolla Altis are presently available in India?

By: Vidyut on 22 june 2015

6 Answers:

You have to be very specific while looking for different versions of Toyota Corolla Altis. This is because if you are indicating towards the fuel options that Toyota has recently introduced for Corolla Altis then you have two options at present; petrol and diesel. If your indication is towards the engine power of Corolla Altis then you will have two options again to choose from in the form of 1798 cc engine and 1364 cc engine. Again, Toyota has launched two variants of transmissions for Corolla Altis at present, and they are manual and automatic. Now, in case of the models we can say that Corolla Altis has 9 variants at present. They are Toyota Corolla Altis JS Petrol, Toyota Corolla Altis G Petrol, and Toyota Corolla Altis GL Petrol with 1798cc Petrol engine and Manual transmission, Toyota Corolla Altis G AT Petrol and Toyota Corolla Altis VL AT
Petrol with 1798cc Petrol engine and Manual transmission, and Toyota Corolla Altis J, Toyota Corolla Altis JS, Toyota Corolla Altis G and Toyota Corolla Altis GL with 1364cc Diesel engine and Manual transmission. The company also has Toyota Corolla Altis VL AT
Petrol which has 1798cc Petrol engine and Automatic (CVT) transmission. Now you have another option in the form of its available colors. They are White Pearl Crystal Shine, Celestial Black, Champagne Mica Metallic, Grey Metallic, Silver Mica Metallic, Super White II and Blue Metallic.

Mehar   2015-06-22

The corolla Altis is available in 9 different variants of corolla Altis out of that 5 are on petrol and remaining four variants are over the diesel. The petrol variants available are Corolla Altis j(s), Altis 1.8 G, Altis 1.8 GL, Altis 1.8 G(CVT) and Altis 1.8 VL are equipped with 1798 cc petrol engine where as a 1364 cc diesel engine which has been installed with Altis D4-DJ, D4-DJS, Altis D4-DG and Altis D4-DGL.

Krinesh   2015-07-02

I am agreeing with the models written in the above answer. The corolla Altis is a luxury segment sedan available in two fuel options diesel and petrol with 9 variants, where two of the models are having AMT transmission and rest are having manual transmission. The two engines available are a 1.8 l petrol engine and another is a 1.4L diesel engine. The mileage of diesel engine is 21 KMPL for the diesel and 14 KMPL for the petrol engine.

Dharam   2015-07-04

I have the similar thoughts, the corolla comes in 9 different variants and I wonder why so. I have seen almost 24 variants of Skoda rapid, which was mind boggling, seriously I don’t understand the need of that. Rapid starts from 7 Lac and goes up to almost 12 Lac/ I really don’t understand. A vehicle with 4-5 models looks hectic. And you won’t believe these companies are bargaining on safety features like ABS, EBD, airbags, which are a necessity and cannot be ignored. I am against this completely and thi is the reason why I love Volkswagen cars.

Karun   2015-07-06

I am agree with your thought, the manufacturers should have some ethics, install everything and then fix a price and be around that only, same engine same power should not be bargaining with customers on safety and comfort features. This is against the ethics, who want to use the same products with different packaging and prices. As far as Altis is concerned it is also having a lot of variants in to Altis portfolio almost 9.

Jigar   2015-07-08

I am not agree that it is against the ethics, let have a look on this part, a person wishing to use corolla Altis and he do not have affordability to buy a diesel automatic variant or maybe he does not want the automatic transmission then why will he go for expending another 4 Lac rupees, if he can get the same in 13 Lac rupees. I am against having 22 variants but 8-9 variants are ok with a car and gives affordability to its customers.

Aftab   2015-07-10

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