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Is Toyota Etios available in automatic transmission gears?

By: p.k.singh on 4 july 2015

7 Answers:

Etios Cross is available in Manual Transmission only, there are four variants of this car:

1.2 G (Petrol), Powered by 1197cc engine, ARAI certified mileage is 17.71 kmpl.
1.5 V (Petrol), Powered by 1496 cc engine, ARAI certified mileage is 16.78 kmpl.
1.4 GD (Diesel), Powered by 1364cc engine, ARAI certified mileage is 23.59 kmpl.
1.4 VD (Diesel) Powered by 1364cc engine, ARAI certified mileage is 23.59 kmpl

Dheeraj   2015-07-09

The automatic transmission gear version was launched in 2014. What is good about the car that everything has been talking about I just don't understand. One can literally become money, less once they buy the car and invest in its maintenance. The worst part is that the petrol version is not in the market or being manufactured by the company so what is the use of investing in a car which demands so much of money without any good amount of returns.

Adivtya   2015-07-18

I totally agree with the above user it is more than just wastage of hard earned money being thrown away from the pockets. I think it is more than just foolishness to make such an investment, so my serious advice to all the car fanatics is that please do not invest in such cars which will make you stop using the car after a while. Go with some other car or buy the automatic version launched in 2014.

sushi   2015-08-07

No, currently the toyota etios cross is present with only manual transmission option. It is a five speed gearbox with pretty good gear ratios, suited for a car with city driving conditions as well as highways and off roading. The transmission drives the front wheel of the car and pulls the body forward which accounts for a tad bit improvement in the mileage of the car. the overall transmission is smooth and propels the vehicle easily over any load.

Dhanush   2015-09-16

Automatic transmission is one area where the car industries are improving. But, Toyota Etios Cross cars are not available as the AT cars until 2014. They are available as the manual transmission cars only. They are available as with the engine displacement of 1197 cc, 1496 cc, 1364 cc.

Naren   2015-10-08

The automatic transmission car was launched in 2014 by Toyota in the Etios Cross cars. Automatic transmission and manual transmission have their own pros and cons. You need to choose them based on the needs. You can find that the AT cars are best for beginners.

Armaan   2015-10-10

If you are a newbie, and if you want to ensure that you drive on the roads safely, then choose the automatic transmission cars. You can find these cars letting you to drive concentrating on the road without checking the gears. Toyota Etios Cross cars are available as AT cars from 2014.

Parag   2015-10-12

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