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What are the differences between Toyota Etios and Etios Cross?

By: Abhishek on 27 june 2015

4 Answers:

The primary difference between Toyota Etios and Toyota Etios Cross is in their spaciousness. Etios, which comes with 1695 mm width x 1510 mm height, is less spacious than Etios Cross, which comes with 1735 width and 1555 mm height. However, the length of Etios, which is 4265 mm length, is greater than Etios Cross, which is 3895 mm. The variant Toyota Etios G scores over Toyota Etios Cross 1.2 G as far as its engine displacement, power and torque are concerned. But Etios Cross gives comparatively greater mileage than that of Etios. Other than that, Etios Cross has features like Average Fuel Consumption indicator, Alloy Wheels, Turn Indicators on ORVM and Rear Wiper in the interiors and inbuilt automated Central Locking system that are absent in Etios. In addition, Etios Cross comes with car infotainment options such as Integrated (in-dash) Music System, AM/FM Radio, CD Player, MP3 Playback and USB Compatibility which are not there in Toyota Etios.

Payal   2015-06-27

The first difference can be seen in the dimensions, Toyota Etios is a hatchback where the Etios Cross is a sedan. The length, width and height of the Etios is 4265, 1695 and 1510 mm where as the Etios Cross is having length, width and height is 3895, 1735 and 1555 which is actually visible easily. Next comes the Displacement both of the vehicles are available in petrol and diesel variants and mileage is also good in case of both of the cars.

Keshav   2015-07-06

Toyota Etios and Toyota Etios Cross are having petrol and diesel versions available as said by the above user. The Toyota Etios comes with two engine options with a displacement capacity of 1364 cc diesel or the 1496 cc petrol engine, whereas the Toyota Etios Cross comes with three engine options with displacement capacity of 1196 cc petrol engine and 1496 cc of petrol engine along with a 1364 cc of diesel engine.

Aditya   2015-07-07

I am also agreeing with the answers given above the major differences lies between the two in the class, Etios is a sedan where as the Etios cross is a Hatchback. The Etios cross looks more like a SUV segment vehicle. The mileage is also more or less the same as well as the engines are also similar in capacity. The Etios cross is available from 6.23 Lac to 7.72 Lac ex-showroom price whereas the Etios is available from 6.03 Lac 8.46 Lac.

Vedant   2015-07-08

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