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Why should i buy Toyota Etios Liva?

By: Deepak on 3 july 2014

10 Answers:

I personally feels everyone should buy a Hatchback for travelling around in city beacuse of increasing traffic i.e. flat back car is easy to move swiftly in traffic. Sometime individual have to face huge traffic jams so we need a product which notonly compact in size but also not a fuel sucking beast, so overcome this problem the best possible solutioin is owning an Toyota Etios Liva. Almost After months of my drving experince this car have all required parameters to survie in city traffic.Bassically this car is the right choice for daily use especially when you have to take route where you always have to tackel traffic.

Sonal Gupta   2014-07-03

Customers who have bought this car from Toyota have minimal issues with the car. So buying this car as a hatchback choice is a good deal. The mileage is decent, gears shifting and steering is quite easy to handle. Compared to other hatchbacks this car is good inside space and good quality interiors. Toyota is one of the leading Japanese car manufacturers and gives world class products. Hence buying this car will give less chances of regret.

Navneet   2014-07-18

Toyota Etios Liva is a great city car with compact design and comfortable interiors with wheelbase of 2460mm and turning radius of 4.8m. The petrol variants are powered 1197cc engine and diesel variants have 1364cc engine. The car is engineered to give good mileage which is around 17kmpl for petrol and 23kmpl for diesel. The car great exterior styling and comes with equally striking dual-one interiors. Comfort features like rear defogger, central locking, power windows, audio system and electric power steering make it a worthy buy.

Manju   2015-06-02

The above answer quite neatly answers the worthiness of this car and covers all major aspects. Toyota Etios Liva indeed has extremely pleasing exteriors and interiors. It offers great driving dynamics in both petrol and diesel variants. The suspension system of the car is also great in minimising jerks. Decent boot space of 251litres is sufficient of short trips. Compared to competitors it stands at par in terms of features and comfort. 

Anton   2015-06-05

Choosing a car is a personal choice. Though Toyota Etios Liva is a nice combination of looks and comfort but some competitors are better in the power department. Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i10 have more powerful engines and can deliver better mileage as well. Not to forget these cars have a higher resale value and lower maintenance costs. Yet Toyota Etios Liva scores well with its spacious cabin and comfortable ride quality. 

Prithvi   2015-06-09

I have been driving the car for a year now, and have close to no issues with the performance. This car has proved to be the best package! I have travelled long distances across India and they have been smooth rides. The steering is perfect, the gear box is smooth, clutch is also very soft and AC plays a cooling effect. There is minimal noise of the engine inside so people can sleep peacefully without disturbance.

Dilshana   2015-06-15

I agree with the above answer, the engine is excellent and the interior features are above average. The car is completely worth its price. Toyota has its brand value and Etios Liva proves it. It is very economical and runs both on diesel and petrol. I wish the interior design was nicer, but the performance of the car compensates for it. The car is sturdy and tough which gives an edge and grip while driving.

Niketa   2015-06-16

Toyota Etios Liva is very spacious! It has air bags for passenger and driver which takes care of the security. Mahesh and Phillip said, the performance, interior and exterior is great which will be worth the rate. But you have to be careful and slow while taking turns as there is a bit of body roll. Overall, the car will prove to be the best buy compared to other cars at the same price!

Vikas   2015-06-17

The Toyota Etios Liva is an everyday use car with good features and luxurious drive. I personally own the car and I can give you so many reasons for you to go for the car. Such as one of them is the driver comfort. You just won’t ever get tired.

babita gupta   2015-06-30

This car is really awesome and I would suggest you not to think too much and go for it. Apart from the awesome comfort and the belief of Toyota on it the performance of the car is so awesome that it makes you wanna just jump in the car and run it.

arun choudhary   2015-07-01

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