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Which is the best colour option in Toyota Etios Liva?

By: Puja on 9 july 2014

4 Answers:

Colour selection is one most the toughest and trickest job where wrong colour selection can lead to failure of products in terms of look which is very much important to survie in Automation market these days where on other hand right colur slection leads to more enhanced and beautifull looks of product with more instant response. Here Toyota did a smart move reseaching about colours and come out with some shortlisted colour options for us which help to choose easily. Their total of 7 colours which consists of Classic Grey, White, Symphony Silver, Harmony Beige, Celestial Black ,Vermilion Red and Ultramarine Blue, as per my assumptions all colurs loooks perectly fine on Etios Liva.  

Sonal Gupta   2014-07-09

Choosing the colour of your car is a difficult question which may raise commotion in your mind. Everybody has his liking for a particular colour. Gone are the times when only 2-3 colours were made available by manufacturers. Apart from technology, car manufacturers today also want to innovate on colour options. Toyota offers their great hatchback Etios Liva in 7 different colour options i.e. Classic grey, Symphony Silver, Harmony Beige, Vermilion Red, Celestial Black, Ultramerine Blue and White. All the colours are vibrant and make Liva look a class apart.

Sana   2014-07-21

Color selection is one of the most tedious job while buying a car. Wrong color selection can be a cause of product failure while selection of a right color can lead to the heights. Here, Toyota has done a fabulous job by launching Etios Liva in total of seven beautiful colors which are Classic Grey, White, Symphony Silver, Harmony Beige, Celestial Black, Vermilion Red and Ultramarine Blue. I agree with Sana that all the colors of Liva has an amazing charm but if one has to be chosen then I would personally go for Classic Grey.

Kripa   2015-06-16

7 alluring and buzzing shades adorn this hatch and in all the shades it looks dynamic. These shades include Classic Grey, White, Symphony Silver, Harmony Beige, Celestial Black, Vermilion Red and Ultramarine Blue. All the shades have their own characteristics, however, the customers prefer White as it does not get faded away easily. In addition, Black also tops the preference of the buyers. Besides, Vermilion Red and Harmony Beige are embraced by the female buyers more. Ultramarine Blue is the first choice of the youth in India.

Karuna   2015-06-25

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