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Which is better Diesel or Petrol in Toyota Etios Liva?

By: Kalap on 10 july 2014

6 Answers:

There is always war between which is best Diesel Motor or Petrol Motor but sorry to say that till now no one has exactly found out which is the best as if you opt of Diesel Motor u will have pleasure of low running costg but high maintance cost and if you opt for Petrol Motor u will have pleasure of low maintance cost but high maintance cost. The buyer should not need to be an CA or something to claculate facts and figures which comes out to be approximately same. SO now Toyota puts option on user to select motor of his choice. THe best part you hardly feel any diffrence while driving both Motors varients as you need experince to point out the diffrences.

Sonal Gupta   2014-07-10

Actually, both the engines have their plus and minuses. A Diesel engine is quite frugal on running costs but pumps up the maintenance expenses. Similarly, a petrol engine may be cheaper to maintain but it may prove heft on fuel expenses. There is a trade-off in both options so the final decision boils down to your daily running requirements. If it is more than 70-80 KM/Day, diesel is good but if you are among those who drive their car only for 15-20 KM/day than petrol is the go-to option.

Ritu   2014-07-24

The debate over diesel or petrol engines is never going to stop. When on one hand there are many who prefers petrol due to its noiseless performance and low maintenance, on the other hand, we have many diesel paramours who love it due to its cheaper running cost. However, one should make his decision to buy a diesel or petrol variant as per his running requirements. Daily running of 80-90 Km must be the minimum requirement in order to offset the higher initial cost of owning the car. Both petrol and diesel Liva are equally good and one has to make the decision as per his running requirements.

sonu   2014-08-08

Toyota has proven itself in both diesel and petrol engines. Both the engines have their pros and cons. Petrol engine gives noiseless performance and costs very low on maintenance where diesel engine costs a bit higher on maintenance but it gives a cheaper running cost. The decision should be made according to your running requirements. If it is more than 70-80 km/day than diesel engine should be preferred but when it is only 15-20 km/day than petrol is better option.

Naresh   2015-06-11

Time has proven that diesel engine of Toyota is not comparable in terms of performance. But as stated in previous answer, both diesel and petrol engines have their pros and cons. Diesel cars are expensive to that of petrol variants but offer higher mileage. On the other hand, maintenance cost for petrol cars is much lower than that of diesel variants. Diesel engines require more running to perform better as compared to petrol. Hence, selection should be made on daily running of your car as explained in previous answers also.

Alpesh   2015-06-13

The Toyota Etios Liva is quite an efficient hatchback in terms of performance and styling. Etios Liva comes in both petrol and diesel variants. Basically, there isn’t much difference in between petrol or diesel variants. The difference is mostly based on terms of maintenance and fuel mileage efficiency. Diesel variants cost a bit more than the petrol variants but on the longer run the higher fuel mileage more than makes up for the cost. The diesel variants do require higher levels of maintenance compared to the petrol variants. Choice between the diesel and petrol variant depends on daily commuting needs.

Vikas   2015-06-22

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