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Is Toyota Liva the only Hatchback which is having DOHC engine?

By: Gautam Das on 22 march 2015

7 Answers:

Hello Gautam Das !!

There are plenty of engines avaiable with DOHC engines. Specially all honda engines use double overhead camshaft technology. It helps to boost the performance when vehicle is intended to be driven at high speed. During high power requirment, the valves are opened bit larger than in lower speed thus allowing more airfuel mixture to be sent to combustion chamber.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-03-24

There are lots of cars, which have DOHC engine. In fact, all the Honda engines make use of the double overhead Camshaft technology. This engine helps in boosting the performance of the vehicle, when it is driven at a high speed. When the power requirement is higher, the valves get opened a bit more, while compared to the lower speed. So, this allows the transfer of more air-fuel mixture to the combustion chamber. So, Toyota Liva becomes more efficient due to DOHC engine.

Sangam   2015-03-12

Absolutely not, there are many other hatchbacks loaded with DOHC diesel engines including Hyundai Accent hatch, Honda Civic hatch and Ford Fiesta. The price of range of Accent is Rs. 7 Lakh while Honda Civic costs about Rs.13 Lakh to Rs. Ford Fiesta will cost you Rs. 6 to 8 Lakh.

Mannat   2015-06-20

NO, this is not correct, Like Toyota liva there are several other hatchbacks which is having DOHC engine. In fact every brand now-a-days is having DOHC type engine. For example – Ford Fiesta, Audi s7 and almost all the Honda cars in hatchback segment are having DOHC (Double overhead camshaft technology) which actually doubles the performance while being in higher speed by opening the valve shaft a little larger allowing more air to be sent to combustion chamber.

Aradhay   2015-06-24

It’s been a trend now days, even smallest and cheapest hatchbacks are getting DOHC engines. It’s the latest technology in the modern day’s engines which enhance the engine performance. The very entry level cars from Datsun like Datsun go, Hyundai eon, Chevrolet beat and Maruti alto k10 kind of vehicles are having DOHC engine. So this technology is a common thing now a day. Every brand wants their card to be hybrid to get more reputation to raise their sales figures.

Umesh   2015-06-26

I am agreeing with my dear friends, DOHC is not a miracle in the hatchback segments anymore. DOHC is a modern technology being used in modern cars which actually refers to a technology which allows more air inlet in the engine while there is a requirement of performance. Thus allows the engine to clock at a higher rate and RPM which will allow more power to the engine. But sorry to say Toyota is not doing any great job with providing a DOHC engine, it is even available in Hyundai eon and Maruti K10.

Pushkar   2015-06-28

I am agree with all the reviews above, and giving my consent to the people who have written reviews above. Toyota is Not the single vendor to provide DOHC ( Double overhead camshaft technology) which has dual shafts running’s instead on conventional single shaft engine, which allow the engine to clock at a higher rate. And really almost every car even in hatchback segment is coming up with this technology

Nirdesh   2015-06-30

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