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Is running and maintenance cost high for Toyota Etios?

By: Kailash on 7 july 2014

4 Answers:

Toyota India is one of the leading Automotive brand in India, so it is very much important to produce those products which comes with high end fuel econmy figures as Indian buyers are always obssed by fuel economy only. Toyota team of engineers and designers perfomed many calculations and did some of the most remarkable engineering magic which truns out to be making this car eco friendly or high fuel economy product without compromising in terms of performance. They also work hard to achive the most cheapest and resonable maintance chart which not only cares for car but also take care for buyers money.

Sonal Gupta   2014-07-07

The team of designers and engineers in Toyota has performed various calculations, and has tried to ensure that the car is fuel-efficient, and eco-friendly. India is a fuel economic country, and Indian have an obsession for saving fuel. Due to this, the car has been designed in such a way that it gives the highest mileage, without compromising on the performance. The cost of maintenance of this car, is quite economical and reasonable, and does not put a dent on the pockets.

Sumita   2014-08-06

Etios from Toyota is one of the most successful model of this company and its success can be defined by its performance and low maintenance which is required most in Indian market. Toyota Etios comes with 3 free services. First service is due in 1 month or 1000 km with no charge absolutely. After that, every service is due in 12 months. Each service requires engine oil and filter replacements. Brake fluid, air and A.C. filter replacements are suggested after 3-4 services. Considering all, service cost of Etios for 9 years rounds up to about 30000 only.

Bhavna   2014-09-12

The Etios has also been selling well in the Indian market due to its low maintenance requirements and good mileage in terms of fuel efficiency. The first three services are provided free-of-charge by Toyota. According to the Toyota schedule, the first service is due after the first month of purchase of 1000kms at absolutely no costs. Subsequent services are due after every 12 months. Each maintenance check involves engine oil and filter changes. Toyota suggests replacements for brake fluids, air filters and A.C maintenance at regular intervals. Basic service and maintenance costs for Etios per year are about ?3,000 approximately.

Sanjeev   2015-03-12

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