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Which is better Diesel or Petrol in Toyota Etios?

By: Deerath on 2014-12-08

5 Answers:

It will not be a fair means if i ask you go for that or go for this as both Diesel Engine and Petrol Engine as both engine are designed in such a way that when you hit the accelerater paddle hard you will hardly feel any diffrence as you need experince to point out the diffrences between DIesel and Petrol mill, so buyer shoulg also keep in mind that he will recive pleasure of low running cost only in diesel mill and recives pleasure of low maintance cost only in Petrol mill. This ends to buyer that he will have to choose the right mill according to its needs. 

Sonal Gupta    2014-12-08

Mate! It depends on the usage of the car. Let's say if you are destined to travel a lot and wish to save on fuel, the diesel trim would prove far more economical for you. On the other side, in case you are going to commute to office using the Toyota Etios - say a run of not more than 40-45km per day, you better go for Toyota Etios petrol. The Diesel version of a car gives you better fuel economy, whereas the petrol one let's you enjoy low maintenance cost. Get that?

Sudeep    2014-17-09

Choosing between diesel and petrol variant totally depends upon running of your car. There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with both. If average running of car is more than 1500 km per month than one should prefer to diesel as it is more fuel efficient. Diesel variant of Etios offers 23.59 kmpl whereas petrol variant offers 16.78 kmpl on highways. But on the other hand, petrol car requires less maintenance and offers more power than diesel. Also, price of Etios diesel is about 1 lakh more than that of petrol.

Sheila    2014-16-10

Making out differences between the diesel and petrol variant of the Toyota Etios is quite a hard job. There isn’t much difference when it comes to design and styling, and while driving, both variants provide quite a comfortable ride. The biggest difference comes from the point of engine and mileage offered. The petrol variant is best suited for daily commutes if the driving need is around 40-45 kms, and also requires less maintenance. But if there is need for long distance travelling, the diesel variant offers higher mileage, just the maintenance costs are more than that of the petrol variant.

Jinesh    2015-17-04

Apart from the fuel type, the engines and performance of Etios also varies as the diesel gives more mileage than petrol and produces higher torque which makes the car capable of higher speeds. But the diesel mill produces less power and also requires slightly higher maintenance. Inside and outside there might be some differences which would have been adjusted seeing the price tag. Like petrol engine features height adjustable seats, lumbar support which are absent in diesel.

Adkarsh    2015-18-06

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