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I am looking for a hatchback below Rs. 5 lakhs and it should be good in handling. I am getting a used Toyota Etios 2014 model for Rs 3.5 lakhs. Is it good?

By: Pooja on 2014-23-12

4 Answers:

It is unclear which variant you are getting as a used car, but Toyota Etios is a good vehicle in terms of handling and performance. Once purchasing used car, keep in mind the engine condition and many more thing. If you are going for a new vehicle, try to get hold on refreshed Maruti Suzuki Swift which is an excellent performer and can be get below Rs 5 lakh mark. Etios is a good vehicle, but doesn't suits to everyones taste in terms of design as well as interiors. Though, coming from the Toyota's brand, one can be rest assured that it will be a good car.

Sonal Gupta    2014-23-12

First of all before buying the 2nd hand Toyota Etios or any other car, you should be clear about the features you need, and should check whether the available model of this car fits into your need criteria. The second and most important thing is the engine condition. No matter how good is the condition of the car from outside, the engine condition matter the most. The third thing you should check for is the documents of cars, nothing should overlap the proper documentation of the car.

Chanikya    2015-01-01

You are looking for a hatchback but Toyota Etios comes in a category of sedan. Current on-road price for Toyota Etios lies in the range of 7-10 Lac. It is not sure which model you are talking about but even if it is a base model then it is a good deal. Handling for new Etios is very efficient but if you are going for a second hand car then you should get it checked at Toyota service centers for any problems.

nimesh    2015-11-06

Well, this has to be made specific here that you want to purchase a hatchback, however, Toyota Etios is not a hatch. Etios is a full-fledged sedan from the Japanese maker, Toyota. By the way, if you are getting a hatch at Rs. 3.5 Lakh then it makes a great deal. Just keep in mind to confirm what year this car belongs to. In addition, the condition of the vehicle is something that you need to look at closely and find out whether each equipment is functioning well or not.

Dev    2015-22-06

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