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What are the features of Toyota Etios?

By: Adeel on 13 march 2015

5 Answers:

Toyota Etios has got new revision and thereby being launched within new budget. It has got more desiarble diesel motor this time. This is making the motor of the car even more affordable. The car has chopped the flab. The new modest dimensions of the car with 2550 wheelbase is really startling.The weight thus now is more manageable than ever before.The exteriors may not bang on the great styling aspect but overall it features well if not that great with looks.

Kanan   2015-03-13

Toyota Etios is not very modern looking stunning car. It has got average looks to be frank. The healights are not that prominent. They rather evoke meekness in them due their structuring. The body lines are simple. Also a huge boot make the appearance more mediocre.However the amazing reductions of weight and bulk form apt positions make it a good enoguh car to rely for performance dyanmics.The diesel engine is finally undr its hood 

Sachiv   2015-04-19

The top end variants of this car are equipped with electrically adjustable OVRMs, a rear defogger, a tachometer and multi-functional steering wheel and rear parking sensors. Whereas, its entry level J trim features electric power assisted steering with tilt adjustment, front cabin lights, chilled glove box, digital tripmeter, seven bottle holders, front and rear door pockets, remote fuel-lid and tailgate opener, dual front sun visors and a day/night inside rear view mirror.

Parth   2015-04-30

Toyota Etios is a feature-rich sedan credited its marvelous engineering. The performance of its petrol trims is astounding and by dishing out a whooping power and torque output it can easily cover the distances. Besides, the after sales service of the car is really worth taking a note. The addition of the rear parking sensor has turned this car into a mobile bunker. Another big plus of the sedan is its vast 595 liter capacity, which can imbibe luggage of a five member family easily. The affordable price range of Etios makes it a car of a common man.

Purab   2015-06-26

The Etios has been marketed and packaged, as an affordable range sedan, by the Japanese auto-makers, Toyota. The Etios seems quite suited for the Indian market especially considering its price range and mileage. The Etios is one of the best selling eco-conscious, fuel-efficient cars selling in India in its segment. The top-end variants have adjustable OVRMs, rear parking-sensors, rear defogger and multi-function steering wheels. The entry level J trim features front cabin lights, digital trip-metre, remote fuel-lid and tail-gate openers, power-assisted steering with tilt adjustment, dual front sun visors, bottle holders, front and rear door pockets and chilled glove box.

Deepak   2015-06-30

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