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What is Fuel consumption and bhp of Etios?

By: satpute chandrashekhar on 2015-01-06

7 Answers:

Hey Satpute Chandrashekhar !!

Toyota Etios is available in both petrol and diesel engine options. The Petrol versions pack a 1.5 Ltr, DOHC engine that generates a maximum power of 88 Bhp and max torque of 132 Nm. Whereas the diesel variants have a 1.4 ltr. mill that generates 67 Bhp and 170 Nm of torque. The ARAI certified fuel efficiency for petrol versions is 16.78 Kmpl whereas it is 23.59 Kmpl for the diesel variants. One can expect the diesel engine to give around 16-17 Kmpl in city and 19-20 Kmpl on highways.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-08-06

The car proves to be a blessing for travelling at a large distance. I have owned Toyota Etios for a year now. It has manual transmission for both diesel and petrol. For diesel provides 1364cc whereas for petrol it provides 1496cc. Overall, the performance has been dynamic and there have been no problems with durability or reliability on the engine. It has been an amazing ride with Toyota Etios till now!

Alka    2015-11-06

I agree with the above answer, the cost and the maintenance of the car is financially friendly. One will not have a problem with the engine too. I have been using the car for over one year now and the performance is great, it still seems like a brand new car. The mileage is excellent. It has a fuel tank capacity of 45 liters and boot space of 595 liters. The car engine is economical for long distance travels.

Rohan    2015-12-06

I agree with all the above answers, Toyota Etios provides great mileage compared to other cars of around the same price. The interiors are comfortable with enough leg space which is most needed as I am very tall. I have been driving the car for a long time on highways as well as roads. The car’s mileage for diesel version is 20.17 kmpl and 11.9 kmpl for petrol version on city roads and 16.7 kmpl on smooth highways.

Tarik    2015-13-06

Toyota is a great brand without a doubt and Toyota Etios adds to its legendary cars.. It proves to be very economical as it is innovative and technologically updated. The interior is very spacious and there is no bulk weight anywhere. It has tilt steering wheel, a rear defogger, digital trip meter, rear door and front door pockets with remote fuel lid and tailgate opener. The car works on both fuel and diesel.

Ashish    2015-15-06

Fuel consumption of a car is inversely proportional to its maximum power produced. More the power produced, less will be its fuel economy and same is the case with Toyota Etios. As sated above, its diesel variant produces 67.05 bhp of power with a fuel efficiency of 23.59 kmpl on highways whereas its petrol variant produces maximum power of 88.5 bhp with a mileage of 16.78 kmpl on highways. Actual mileage may differ from those stated here as it depends on driving speed, roads and driving methods.

Sumit    2015-18-06

As explained in previous answer, fuel consumption depends upon maximum power produced which is in turn dependent upon engine capacity. It also depends upon engine type i.e. diesel or petrol. Diesel cars produces more mileage than its petrol variant. Toyota Etios comes with 1.4 ltr engine capacity in diesel variant and 1.5 ltr engine capacity in its petrol variant. This difference in engine capacity accounts for its low mileage in petrol variant. On the other hand, petrol cars produces more power than diesel variant which is stated in previous answer.

Dharam    2015-19-06

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What is Fuel consumption and bhp of Etios?

satpute chandrashekhar    2015-01-06

7 Answers