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Whether CNG fitted new car is available ?

By: Naranbhai T Patel on 2015-12-06

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Hello Naranbhai T Patel !!

CNG fitted Toyota Etios is not available but you can fit CNG of other brands, There are 2 types of kits :- Conventional (Open Loop, Closed Loop) & Sequential CNG Kits. Sequential CNG Kit is better than conventional, popular brands for sequential CNG kits are Lovato & Tomasetto, BRC, Longas and Landi Renzo, You can expect the price of CNG Kit including Fitment as close to Rs. 40,000 for branded one like Lovato & Tomasetto. RC Endorsement charges would be additional. In terms of Mileage - if you getting around 14 Kmpl in petrol, you may expect around 20 Km/kg in CNG. Etios Petrol + Rs. 40,000 – 50,000 CNG Kit nearly sum-up the price range of the diesel version of the economical class. So, when you are ready to pay out another 40,000 – 50,000 for the Sequential Kit, why not buy a diesel etios itself? In same budget you can get nice diesel hatch without compromising boot, no warranty issues and no need to take approval from RTO.

Thank You

Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-18-06

No CNG fitted trim has been rolled out by Toyota yet in the Indian car arena as there is only petrol and diesel trims available. However, if you really want a CNG car you can get it installed in your car as it is now easily available in all the major cities of the country. You just have to find out whether you have CNG availability in your city or not. This may cost you around Rs. 40 to 45 thousand. Besides, you can have a look at the diesel variant of the vehicle as well.

Piyush    2015-25-06

The Toyota Etios does not come out the factory with a CNG installed kit like we can see in some Sedan like Hyundai Verna. Toyota hasn’t released any such version. But the CNG kit can be installed in to the car easily from the open market. The CNG kit will cost around 40000 additional to you and may increase your budget by some thousands of rupees. But you can expect a long term benefits of it, as diesel version is giving better mileage but good news for petrol versions users, they can get the mileage equivalent to Diesel version by using both of the fuel options and some extra bugs.

Asif    2015-27-06

The Toyota hasn’t installed the CNG kit from factory. Petrol and CNG can combine together to generate good mileage. The Etios engine is very efficient and performing. It generates a power of 67 PS power and 170 Nm torque. The CNG Kit is not very costly one can get it in 35-40 thousand and people please don’t go for the Traditional CNG kit, use sequential kits only.

Mikka    2015-28-06

Yes, Agree, there is no such version of Etios which comes with pre-installed CNG kit. But it would be great if Toyota get one version of Etios with CNG, then the gap between the mileage of a diesel and petrol version car can be mitigated easily, as well as the owners will get better fuel efficiency with a reliable CNG kit installed in their cars. But unfortunately there is no such model which could be able to make our job easy.

Pragan    2015-29-06

As we know now The All New Toyota do not have any model with factory installed CNG Kit. I have a petrol version of Etios and everybody knows there is no such version, so one has to rush to open market. Same very good companies are providing CNG kit in affordable prices like, Levato and tomassato. So what are you waiting for go and grab this new and pocket friendly fuel. The CNG fuel will give a mileage of 21 KMPL where normal petrol engine will take you at the rate of 14 KM per KG. If we combine them would be a good average.

Amog    2015-30-06

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