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Are the overall specifications of the diesel and petrol version of Etios same besides differences in their fuel type?

By: Minal on 2015-01-07

5 Answers:

Let us compare the petrol variant of Toyota Etios, the Toyota Etios G with the diesel variant Toyota Etios JD. You will find that the overall mileage of the diesel version is much better than that of the petrol version. While the diesel version gives 20.32 kilometers per liter within the city and 25.59 kilometers per liter in the highway, the petrol version gives 13.5 kilometers per liter within the city and 16.78 kilometers per liter in the highway. While the diesel variant comes with engine description of 1.4-litre 67.06bhp 8V D-4D Diesel Engine, that of the petrol variant are 1.5-litre 88.76bhp 16V DOHC Petrol Engine. While the petrol variant scores over the diesel variant, the torque of petrol variant is lesser. Thus, the diesel version has ,maximum power of 67.05 bhp @ 3800 rpm and torque of 170 Nm @ 1800-2400 rpm and the petrol variant has 88.50 bhp @ 5600 rpm power and 132 Nm @ 3000 rpm torque. While the diesel variant has 4 cylinders with 2 SOHC valves per cylinder, the petrol value also has 4 cylinders but with 4 DOHC valves per cylinder. Even there are differences between the fuel supply system of both the versions too. While the diesel variant of Toyota Etios comes with common rail fuel injection type fuel supply system, the petrol variant comes with Electronic Fuel Injection fuel supply system.

Pragya    2015-01-07

Besides the differences in between the engine and fuel related specifications of the diesel version Toyota Etios JD and petrol versions Toyota Etios G, there are differences in their comfort related specifications and features of the exteriors and interiors. For instance, the comfort and convenience option that is available in the diesel version and absent in the petrol version of Etios is Power Windows at the front and rear. On the other hand, the petrol version comes with Accessory Power Outlet which is not there in the diesel variant. Likewise, among the distinctive features available in the petrol version include Tachometer, Digital Clock and Height Adjustable Driving Seat. However, these are absent in the diesel version that is being compared. Again, the exteriors of the petrol version in discussion include Rear Window Defogger, Wheel Covers, Power Antenna, Chrome Grille and Chrome Garnish. Above all these is the price. Thus, while the diesel version Toyota Etios JD has an ex showroom price of about Rs. 7.3 lacs, the petrol version Toyota Etios G is available at an approximate ex showroom price of Rs. 6.5 lacs.

Paramjeet    2015-03-07

The diesel and the petrol variants of Toyota Etios show distinctive differences as far as their security features are concerned. Thus, if you take into account the security features of the petrol variant Toyota Etios G then you will find that it has features such as Central Locking, Power Door Locks and Keyless Entry. But you will not get these security features in the diesel variant Toyota Etios JD. Among the other major differences between the diesel and the petrol variant includes the Kerb weight; the petrol version is a bit heavier and has a kerb weight of 935 kilograms, whereas the diesel version is comparatively lighter and had kerb weight of 900 kilograms. While you will not get any in built car infotainment option in the diesel version Toyota Etios JD, the petrol version Toyota Etios G has built in Speakers both at the front and at the rear side.

Vikram    2015-05-07

The Toyota Etios comes in diesel and petrol variants too. The diesel model is Toyota Etios JD and petrol model is the Toyota Etios G. They differ in several parameters mainly the fuel economy of the cars. Diesel versions are known for better mileage which is 20 KMPL to 25-26 KMPL differing from the type of roads and whereas the petrol version of Etios  gives a fuel economy of 13.5 KMPL in city traffics and about 16 to 17 KMPL in the clear highways.

Nishad    2015-23-07

The Toyota Etios gives options for diesel as well petrol variants. The diesel model which is the Toyota Etios JD can perform with a maximum power output ability of 67.05 bhp at 3800 rpm and torque churning ability of 170 Nm at 1800-2400 rpm and the petrol variant can churn a power output of 88.50 bhp at 5600 rpm and torque of 132 Nm at 3000 rpm. The fuel economy of diesel is obviously higher by few kilometers per liter than that of the petrol variant.

Jannet    2015-25-07

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