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What is onroad price of Toyota Fortuner in India?

By: Rajdeep on 2 february 2014

4 Answers:

On road price of a car varies from place to place also the prices of cars are highly tend to change with time so telling an exact amount is actually not possible.
Roughly Toyota Fortuner ranges between Rs 21.81-23.41 lacs (Exshowroom price delhi).

Toyota Fortuner Prices :

Sonal Gupta   2014-02-02

It is difficult to calculate the exact on road price of a vehicle as it may differ from place to place. Ex-showroom price (Delhi) of Toyota Fortuner lies between 21.81 to 23.41 lac. Some additional cost like state vat, municipal taxes (if such are applicable), insurance charges, registration charges, depot charges hike up the on road price of a vehicle. Final price of the vehicle also depends upon the variant. Considering all factors, on-road price of Toyota Fortuner lies somewhere between 24 to 27 lac.

Moheen   2015-06-16

There are 6 variants of Toyota Fortuner available in the Indian car bazaar. All are diesel variants and they come with an option of two engines; a 2.5L and a 3.0L diesel engine. Out of six, three variants of the SUV are automatic that is obviously a little expensive than the base variants. In terms of price, its lower trim costs Rs. 24.7 lakand to buy the highest trim of the car, you will have to spend Rs. 27.1 Lakh.

Praan   2015-06-26

The average ex showroom price of Toyota Fortuner across all its available six variants ranges from Rs. 24 lacs to slightly above Rs. 26 lacs. These prices change from time to time. Now, if you go by each variants then you will find that the cheapest model Toyota Fortuner 3.0 4x2 MT comes at an ex showroom price of Rs. 24.17 lakhs at present. Toyota Fortuner 2.5 Sportivo 4x2 MT is priced at Rs. 24.35b lacs, Toyota Fortuner 3.0 4x2 AT has ex showroom price of 25. 17 lacs, Toyota Fortuner 2.5 Sportivo 4x2 AT has ex showroom price of Rs. 25.35 lacs, Toyota Fortuner 3.0 4x4 MT costs Rs. 25.49 lacs and the highest rated model Toyota Fortuner 3.0 4x4 AT comes with an ex showroom price of Rs. 26.49 lacs. The on road price of any vehicle is a summation of this ex showroom price along with factors like the dealer’s policy, discounts, rates as applicable to the place from where the purchase is being made, etc.

Mieral   2015-06-30

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