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Is Toyota Fortuner capable of making a long trip like Mysore to Mumbai?

By: muhammed ashique on 26 may 2015

7 Answers:

Hello Muhammed Ashique !!

I assume that a car is well maintained and you have followed the manufacturer subscribed service schedule. You should not worry the least while travelling in the Toyota Fortuner, the car is more than capable to do such long journey. However, pack well and make sure that you plan your trip and stopages to avoid inconvenience of any sort. Reading online tips for long car journey and travel plans would help too.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-06-01

I have driven my old Maruti Zen, 20 years ago (imagine old times Indian roads) multiple times from Chennai-Tvm, Chennai-Mumbai-Jaipur, Bangalore-Pune-Mumbai and several ther routes of 500-600Kms enumerous number of times. Sometimes I suspect, if these kind of questions are real or faked by the portal itself! Its actually not about the size of the vehicle, its about the driver's abilities and the maintenance of the vehicle. I seriouly cannot imagine a person whos even thinking of buying a Toyota Fortuner, can have such a question.

Milestogo   2015-06-03

Toyota Fortuner is an innovative car with updated technology. I bought it last year have gone for long drives and travels, it has performed very well with minimal servicing. I stay in Bangalore and I get 8 Kmpl in the city and 13 Kmpl on highway. The seats are comfortable and spacious. It has sturdy but classy look which will get many envious on the road! You will have a convenient travel in Toyota Fortuner for sure.

Lucky Sharma    2015-06-11

I have been using Toyota Fortuner since last 13 months and I agree with the above answer, the car will provide a comfortable travel. The security features are updated, the interior and exterior is amazing. There is almost no noise of the engine inside. This will make your drive relaxed. The steering wheel is sharp and provides a good grip. This will ensure you don’t feel stressed or exhausted for a long travel. The fuel capacity is also above average.

mukarram balsara   2015-06-12

I stay in Mumbai and travel to Mysore frequently by my SUV Toyota Fortuner and it has been excellent till now. The advantage that it has is that it is very luxurious which will make your long distance travel pleasant. The grip is comfortable and the wheels are super smooth so the travel will be very smooth. The driver seat is very comfortable with important features. You are guaranteed to have a smooth driving experience with this car.

himanshu ashu   2015-06-13

Distance between Mysore to Mumbai is around 1050 km. Toyota Fortuner is provided with a very powerful engine of 3 litre capacity and depending upon the variant you own, it has some of the top safety measures which makes it a perfect car to make a long trip like this one. Handling and stability of this car are very well proven. As mentioned by team in previous answer, while going for such long trips, you should take short brakes after some time interval to avoid any inconveniences and car should be well maintained for such trips.

Mub een   2015-06-15

Speaking about serving a purpose of covering long distant journeys, any SUV will do the job just fine. The Toyota Fortuner is a 21st century car that was built with innovation and with a gesture of producing a car with advanced technologies. The aerodynamic design enables it to be driven with easy. Speaking of maintenance and servicing, it hardly needs any. It gives a descent mileage of 13kmpl in the highways which is necessary for long drives. It is also a sturdy but classy looking car which when driven gives a good feeling. It has comfortable adjustable seats. Last but not the least, it is one spacious car.

Nilesh   2015-06-29

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