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"I have a 2007 Toyota Fortuner 4X4 3.0 D4D and have increased the suspension height and am using bigger wheels. Recently the inner CV joint by the tripod broke and I replaced it with a genuine Toyota spare part. Soon enough, while reversing in a full circle towards left, I heard a click sound and after investigating I found that it had broken again. What can be the possible reasons for this breaking? I have checked the upper and lower control arm bushes, upper and lower ball joints, stabilizer bushes as well as have measured alignment of the front and rear wheels also. I still haven’t been able to find the cause for this breakage. Please share an insight regarding the same. "

By: Muhamed desai on 7 july 2016

1 Answers:

Usually a CV joint doesn’t break that easy and this fail can possibly be caused due to wear and tear caused by the age. This can also happen if the car has been taken on very rough roads where the roadway debris has hit the car hard. However, in your case it seems there is another underlying issue therefore, you should check if the tripod is extending so much so that it is being pulled too much. For the same, you should get the car checked by a reliable mechanic as well because a CV joint does not keep breaking again and again. Also, the joints can get broken in case you drive the car too rashly especially while going in a circle (like in your case, you mentioned that you took a full left circle in reverse.) 

Rizwan khan   2016-07-07

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