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I have an offer for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for 30 Lakhs.Is It worth?

By: Govind on 10 june 2014

6 Answers:

Land Cruiser Prado is a luxury SUV from Toyota with price more than 65Lakhs. Land Cruiser has bee updated plenty of times. Its available as Land Cruiser Prado costing around 80Lakhs and Land Cruiser costing more than 1.2 Crore.For the model mentioned, the approximate price is also high. The availability of Land Cruiser Prado in used car segment is very less. You can find one or two in major used car dealers in metropolitan cities. The quoted price is genuine one and worth the considerations. Recommended to check all details including vehicle history and present condition before finalising the deal.

Sonal Gupta    2014-06-10

According to my point of view it is good option for you if you are getting a 1.2 cores SUV in 30 lakhs and situation becomes much more lovable when the SUV is Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has amazing long running and standing life because panels are well selected and well painted for avoiding rust for long run. Before buying that Toyota Land Cruiser Prado you should make sure that you will receive all papers and check for past of vehicles by seeing the service manual.

Leela   2015-01-26

The reasonable resale value of any vehicle varies as per the actual condition of the car, the brand image of the manufacturer, actual demand, etc. It also depends upon the on-road price of the new car. Toyota Prado has a much-venerated image among Indian SUV fanatics and A new Land Cruiser Prado cost around Rs. 88.81 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom- Delhi). So, if you are getting a good condition Prado in 30 Lakhs, you can consider this option. But before making any decision, do get this car checked by a qualified mechanic and third party assessor.

Niraj   2015-06-03

Yes, I think it is definitely worth it! Prado really owns it when it comes to its looks or the engine. I have been driving this car from last year and it has shown no problem. The styling is absolutely gracious. I also drove in Rajasthan desserts and it owns the dessert. The driving experience is surreal. It is a great car. For me, it has been absolutely worth the money.

Girish   2015-06-17

I agree with Girish, the car is simply great! I have purchased the car at more than 30 Lakhs and I am very happy with its performance. The engine is powerful which will make you go to the service centre very less. Hence the maintenance cost is not much. You can enjoy long distance travels with relaxed driving experience. The look is sturdy and rough on the exterior but smooth and relaxed on the interior.

Avinash   2015-06-18

Absolutely! Reviews of Girish and Avinash are completely bang on! I have owned this car for about a year and a half now and it has been a hell of a ride with this amazing beast. Adding to Girish and Avinash’s reviews, the car is also spacious and the safety measures are updated which is necessary for me as I have kids. It is also well lit with smooth interior features. 30 Lakhs seems a great deal! Go ahead, I say!

Ravi   2015-06-19

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