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How to maintain the Land Cruiser Prado for long life?

By: Parveen on 6 november 2014

5 Answers:

Following up maintenance schedule is very easy with respect to any luxury car. The information fisplay on vehicle status would be giving remainders of paying attention of maintenance of vehicle. Such as change of oils, tyre pressure conditions, engine status with respect to working of all sensors used. Such as Inlet manifold sensor, fuel delivery sensor and lot more as used in all advanced technology cars. A follow up of the same would give you best indication of status of vehicle and maintenance repairs that are to be carried out.

Sonal Gupta    2014-11-06

Almost everyone complains about high maintenance and low vehicle life. I strongly recommended you to follow the maintenance guide as mentioned in the user manual of the car as this maintenance chart is designed by the experts after many hit and trails. According to this only way to get perfect running of your Toyota Land Cruiser Prado you have to follow the maintenance chart make this as the base rule while body car helps in creating resistance against rusting and other harmful things.

Beshan   2015-01-09

Every SUV enthusiast likes to buy and enjoy driving a beast like Land Cruiser Prado. If you want that your SUV keep on giving same pleasurable driving experience, it is very much important to do its regular maintenance. You can refer to the User Manual available with the car to get an idea of regular intervals when its Oils, Tyres, Clutch Plates etc. need replacement. Further, it is also important to get your beloved Prado serviced at authorized Toyota workshops only.

Madhur   2015-04-12

I Rakesh Bansal personally feels that the maintenance of Land Cruiser Prado for long time is an easy way, but only if you know the correct ways to do so. If you want to maintain Land Cruiser for a long life, then you must be damn careful with your car. This is not a difficult task to do, but it requires the utmost care in handling with the car. The information which is written on the vehicle status would be given a careful look and all the instructions must be followed.

Rakesh   2015-06-17

Maintaining the Land Cruiser Prado is the most important thing to do for Prado car owners. They highly invest a hefty amount of money on this Prado, so it’s the prime duty of the owner of the car to properly take care of the car. After 4-5 months service of the car is a must, it should be done in order to run your car efficiently. If any damage occurs to your car, then immediately go for a repair don’t wait for some other thing to happen in a turn.

Mandeep   2015-06-19

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