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How is the resale value of Land Cruiser Prado?

By: Jagdeep on 17 september 2014

3 Answers:

Resale value of any vehicle depends upon plenty of parameters starting from onroad price of new car to needs of customers to sell the same or buy the same. As Land Cruiser is in market since many years, there are good lot of very old Land Cruiser Prado available in the range of 20Lakhs to 40Lakhs. Considering overall parameters, you can expect a very good resale value from the Land Cruiser. If you have good offers in the range of 20Lakhs then its really worth the considerations.

Sonal Gupta    2014-09-17
To be honest, buying this expensive suv as a used vehicle doesn't make any sense. If you ask me, I'd suggest to go for a new SUV which comes in the money you are going to spend for a second hand Prado. Secondly, at times you also endup buying a used vehicle which you'll repent about afterwards..becuase you never you how the first owner may have used/abused the SUV. Look for a couple of things..the first to be the mileage driven..If it's beyond 1 lakh, it's a bad idea to buy it, as the first party must have juiced it completely. second thing you can look for is the condition of interior as well as exterior. If you feel like buying it..go ahead..however, buying a new SUV/off-roader within the price range of a second hand Prado is not a bad idea either..decision is yours.
Tushaan   2014-10-16

Land cruiser Prado is un-doubtedly a fabulous SUV from Toyota. It has got a strong brand image in the market. The new Land Cruiser Prado is avaialble at Ex-Showroom (Delhi) price of Rs 88.81 Lakhs. So, the good condition used cruiser prado must be available in range of Rs. 20 Lakhs- 45 Lakhs. However, the price varies a lot depending upon car's actual condition. Before deciding to buy any used Prado, always get it checked by a qualified mechanic and get an estimate by some third party assessor.

Gopal   2015-02-21

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