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How does Toyota Land Cruiser Prado perform on roads?

By: Ikjas on 13 june 2015

10 Answers:

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado delivers a power packed performance by virtue of its powerful 2982cc diesel engine. The electronic air suspension employed on this vehicle absorbs all bumps and shocks. It gets double wishbone type of suspension at the front and 4-link type suspension at the rear make way for excellent off-roading capabilities. The top speed of this car is 180kmph and the automatic transmission depicts no shift lags. 

TeamAutoportal   2015-06-13

The exceptionally powerful Toyota Land Cruiser is blessed with 3L 16V  D-4D Diesel with Intercooler Turbocharger and 5-speed automatic transmission. Apart from ABS, its Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA) automatically adjusts to the type of surfaces that improves its brake performance. You can smoothly enjoy the ride at its top speed as the cruiser has got brilliant suspension system -  4-Link with Air Spring Kinetic Dynamic Suspension and Adaptive Variable Suspension  with Rear Air Suspension.

Naman   2015-06-18

An example of proficient engineering, Land Cruiser assures best-in-class on road performance. The Japanese automotive maker, Toyota has has embedded the SUV with 3-litre 2982cc diesel engine Diesel. It is blessed with electronic suspension system and premium breaking mechanism that avoids breaking jerks and bumps on the roads. Also, the vehicle stability control function assists breaks and helps maintaining the overall balance.  It comes in 5-speed automatic gear transmission box for effortless driving. You can easily achieve the top speed 180 kmph as the SUV has brilliant acceleration of 10.9 sec.  

Renuka   2015-06-25

The new Toyota land cruiser Prado has an awesome inbuilt 4.0 L V6 24 valve DOHC engine which generate 232 PS power and 410 Nm torque, which has been equipped with a 5-speed AMT transmission. With this much of power it takes 9.5 S to fetch the speed of 100. The maximum speed has been measured up to a 188 KMPH. You will love the comfort and spaciousness being offered by Toyota land cruiser Prado.

Shikhar   2015-07-01

I have been a Toyota land cruiser Prado owner from long time and I just love the way it has been designed. The new Prado is equipped with a 4.0 L engine which offers a great performance and speedy ride altogether. The Prado experience is inevitable. The engine is really powerful with a great power of 232 PS and 410 m torque which can take the vehicle to any speed. Personally I have tested Prado Land cruiser up to a speed of 240 KMPH.

Ayushmaan   2015-07-02

Agree, even I have driven a Prado up to 220, don’t know why our friend is saying only 188 KMPH. You can realize3 by looking at the engine itself, the kind of engine has been provided can take the vehicle to any speed. I am wondering if the engine has been fine tuned it can reach up to 300 also. The 4.0 engine with 232 PS power and 410 Nm torque, it’s enormous.

Ishmeet   2015-07-03

The SUV delivers an impressive performance in terms of engine power, torque delivery and mileage. There are attractive features on the SUV like the amazingly responsive and nimble power steering that aids in handling. The combination of the double wishborne suspension system at the front and the four link suspension with air springs at rear gives smoother traction on most surfaces. And coupled EBD and ABS braking system plus the traction control, safety in this SUV is at highly optimized level.

Sumanshu   2015-07-09

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is driven a 2982cc all powerful engine. It is a SUV that is capable of producing a lot of power along with a lot of torque and a smooth journey. Due to the presence of the electronic air suspension, any bumpy road seems smoother than ever. The electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and brake assist automatically adjusts to the type of terrain and helps in easy braking. The presence of ABS system makes this car even safer to drive. Other than these, the looks, the comfort level and the interior of this car are unmatched.

Meet   2015-07-11

The perfomance of the car on road is something which is remarkable. Though, there are better cars being offered by the rivals of the company and that too at the same or lesser price. People still would really want to invest on this car. The tyres of the car are broad enough which makes the car hold to the ground firmly and makes it safe. At high spead on highways, the car can be handled with an ease.

Dhruv   2015-07-18

I agree with the above user on the point that the tyres are more than just big which keeps it close enough to the road while driving the car. But, it is very huge for cities. It would have been better if the car would have been a bit smaller. In order to fulfill the seaters comfort, the car has been made more than just huge. Small would have been better.

Vikas   2015-07-26

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