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Which is better among Land Cruiser and Range Rover

By: Narang on 14 november 2014

5 Answers:

 Land Cruiser and Range Rover have very tough competition with respect to usage of technology and capability of off roading. The number of Varints available in Range Rover is higher than that of for Land Cruiser. Further Range Rover has better reputation in Indian Market with its superb quality and true sense of updatedness. Land Cruiser is equally good in performance and gets you bes of image and status. Its really a great offroader one can get. Still when it is a question of selection among Range Rover and Land Cruiser, Range Rover makes a better option.

Sonal Gupta    2014-11-14

A Land cruiser will never let you down, so won't a Range rover, but you will never know the capabilities of a Rover because you will never risk being in the middle of now here with a unserviceable pretty white elephant. The terrific suspension also happens to make the land cruiser as a pothole guzzler in cities as well and gives it the superpowers to be out in the wild. A rover is a classic but as far as buying in India is concerned I would advise you to buy a Land Cruiser for its Working class, NO frills attitude, buy the Rover for the oomph factor.

Ronit   2015-01-06

When it comes to compare between these two super SUV models the details should be kept in mind both of the vehicles are great in design and specifications.The Range rover is 57 lakhs costlier than the Land Cruiser. Land cruiser is having a 4.5L engine with a 7-speed AT transmission whereas the Range rover is 5.0L engine with 8-speed AT transmission. Land rover is bigger in power and torque as well when compared to Land Cruiser.

Sahil sandhu   2015-06-18

The Range rover is costly as well as rich in design, safety, dimension and spaciousness than the Land cruiser from Toyota. Range rover is smaller in length and height than the Land cruiser but larger in width. Range rover is having seating capacity of 5 whereas the land cruiser is having a seating capacity of 7. The land cruiser is offering some similar specs for a very lesser price. So for me Land cruiser is the winner.

Arvind   2015-06-20

The land cruiser is better for me as well, it offered me a price difference of more than 60 Lakhs, which is huge but when you look at the specifications you will find the Land Cruiser is almost features similar to the Range rover as 500cc doesn’t matters a lot for a vehicle having 4500cc engine. If you look at the both models then you will find the fabric upholstery and little bit over powered engine and that all then why 60 Lakhs, I am not that crazy. I am happy with land cruiser.

Parneet   2015-06-22

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