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Is it worth buying a Toyota Land Cruiser?

By: Kushant on 5 january 2015

6 Answers:

If you are a owner of Land Cruiser, you need not worry about any roads and track. The superior quality of suspension is always there to assit you to get maximum comfort irrespective of road condition. The special feature of hill assist control contributes for smooth hill starts by automatically applying brake pressure to help hold the vehicle whenever roll back is detected. This is a marvelous engineering assuring easy get over in very tough situations one can come across during off roading. Vehicle stability control assists for keeping the vehicle on track in case of high incline turnings. Simply its a king of off roading cars. A fine blend of sportive action and comfort features.

Sonal Gupta   2015-01-05

Toyota Land Cruiser is the truly tough SUV where heavy build quality is charming out through the strong steel chassis and solid body panels. This SUV is not a fuel economical vehicle because of powerful engine under the hood which helps driver to pull this heavy car in every driving condition. There is always chances of mistakes in driving but thanks to Toyota Land Cruiser safety system they works for continuously to make Sure that you stay safe in every emergency situation. Overall Toyota Land Cruiser is the best SUV which anyone can blind folded relay where Toyota trust certification helps in generating more confidence.

Tapas   2015-01-20

I purchased it last December and I am completely in love with it. I take on a ride every chance I get. You just can’t get enough of this amazing beast! The model is mighty and muscular which I absolutely love! The submission is extremely smooth. When I accelerate, the seat pulls me which is an experience in itself! On highways, it easily goes beyond 210 km per hour and you will still feel it is slow.

Manas   2015-06-05

I agree with Manas, the engine of Land Cruiser is the best in the market. In addition to the engine and its exterior and interior rough looks, it gives utmost priority to the security. It has a secure safety system and the engine has stability and is reliable under any road conditions. The features are guaranteed to make everyone on the road envious. It is also extremely spacious. You can travel with large families anywhere anytime!

Mohit   2015-06-07

Truly, I agree with Mohit and Manas about the looks,features and engine of the car make it a complete package. Toyota Land Cruiser is an amazing car for anyone who is looking for stability of the engine, comfort in the car and stylish model. It is a pleasure driving and owning a Land Cruiser. I would call it the King of all SUVs. It will definitely prove to be worth your money. Go ahead and be a proud owner of a Land Cruiser.

Nilesh   2015-06-08

I agree with the reviews of Manas, Nilesh and Mohit. I am driving Land Cruiser for a year now and have had great experience with it. This car is truly a dragon; it is smooth, comfortable and wild at the same time. Driving in it is like meditation for me. The AC is cooling and the security systems are technologically updated. Adding to a great mileage and engine, it has charming looks. It has been totally worth it for me!

Raghav   2015-06-09

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