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Tell about the entertainment system of Toyota Land Cruiser

By: Mridul on 1 april 2015

5 Answers:

The infotainment system in Toyota Land Cruiser can be handled by a 7 inches touchscreen. This audio system comprises of 9 speakers (both at the front and rear), 6 CD changers – part of the CD/MP3 player, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, Aux-in and an AM/FM radio. The functions of the infotainment system can be easily handled by the driver from mounted buttons present on the multi functional steering wheel. The touchscreen presents convenient access to the various built-in devices of the audio system. 

Mayur   2015-04-01

For me the look and performance of the car is very important. I believe the entertainment system of Toyota Land Cruiser actually enhances its royal interiors. The audio system is just too amazing with nine high end speakers. I simply love playing loud music in my car during long drives with my friends. The wireless headphones are an add-on. One can easily access it while driving through steering wheel also.

Sanjay   2015-04-10

The Land Cruiser is a great SUV from Toyota which has been in many countries since many years. The design kept on evolving as per the customers' requirements and the present day Land Cruiser has all the bells and whistles. Its infotainment system is also quite advanced. It has an Electro Multi Vision (EMV) display embedded in the central console. There is a 6-DVD changer connected to 14 JBL speakers fitted in various positions to give a stupendous surround sound experience.

nishu   2015-04-14

Land cruiser sports an incredible entertainment system that comprises a 7-inch touchscreen display with intuitive interface. It has six CD changer MP3 player radio with AM/FM tuner, DVD player and has nine speakers including front and rear side speakers for better sound effects.The entertainment system also supports USB port, Aux-in and Bluetooth connectivity to pair mobile or other external device. The audio controls are mounted on its multifunctional power steering, making it extremely convenient for the driver to operate.

Sarfraz   2015-06-17

The Toyota Land Cruiser is one car hat has almost all the latest technologies and state of the art materials installed. It has a 7 inch touchscreen panel for the infotainment system. The total number of audio speaker is 9 where every single one of them is capable of rocking the whole car. There are 6 CD changers in this car. It has Bluetooth, GPS system and USB support too. There is a built in satellite AM/FM Radio. The infotainment system can also be handled using the mounted buttons on the steering wheel. There are wireless headphones available as an add-on.

Naksh   2015-06-29

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