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Describe the interiors of Toyota Land Cruiser.

By: Ekant on 8 june 2015

9 Answers:

Toyota Land Cruiser is characterised by upscale interiors that spell sophistication and luxury in the same breath. The real wood trim along the steering wheel and the dashboard along with the premium quality leather used on seats and door panels enhances the look and the feel of the cabin. Features like heated and ventilated power adjustable seats, ample legroom, automatic climate control, rear parking sensors etc. make the car quite comfortable and well equipped. 

TeamAutoportal   2015-06-08

Toyota Land Cruiser boasts of ultra luxurious interiors that offer the maximum comfort to the users. It is chock-a-block with new age features such as Bluetooth, satellite radio, JBL audio system, rear view camera, voice activated in-tune infotainment system, 8-inch touch screen, huge cargo space etc. The ambience of the car is upped by the leather covered seats and liberal use of real wood trims. It offers plenty of legroom, head room, knee room and shoulder room and takes care of the passengers’ comfort. 

Jasmeet   2015-06-12

Toyota Land Cruiser cabin is very luxurious and extra comforting leather trimmed front and rear seats is what makes it more desirable. It comes with 2-DIN audio player with Bluetooth, USB and Aux support and a 9-inch DVD player fitted to the roof for rear passengers. Interior of this car is provided with a total of 28 AC vents which cool the car in seconds. A mini fridge is provided at the center to provide you with cool beverages and fresh snacks in your long journeys.

Jigar   2015-06-11

Land cruiser sports premium interior facilities that creates a plush and luxury environment. With real wood lining over the dashboard, steering wheel and gearbox, and the material use is extremely classy. It has plenty of interior space, front seat pessengers enjoy enough legroom and head room, with multi-adjustable driver seat. The cabin is jeweled with ergonomically designed centre console, highly intuitive touch screen interface, easy shift gearbox and plenty of safety features. This 8-seater beast owns cruise control system, four-zone automatic climate control with rear AC vents, auto gears and leather trimmed power steering system along with loads of convenience features.

Shivang   2015-06-19

The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most expensive cars in the Indian market. It is expected to be of the finest class and quality. The upscale interiors are of superior quality that speaks about both sophistication and luxury. Starting off with the steering wheel, it looks quite elegant with the wool trim along it. The dashboard is carved with premium quality leather. The seats and the door panels are also created using supreme quality leather, making the interior look like a museum of art. The heated and ventilated power adjustable seats are comfortable. It has satellite radio and Bluetooth too.

hashmeet   2015-06-29

There is no reason for me to reject the car because even my friend who deals in car has told me that this is the future. May be now buyers may not be accepting it, but sooner or later they will for a couple of reasons. The pick-up, interiors and the comfort of the car is so good that it is very good for highways and all but not for the cities because of its size.

Patra   2015-07-02

I agree with the above user on the point that city driving I very difficult, but please understand one point that such cars are mainly made for huge families. So, therefore road trips with family can be more often as this car is very good on highways. The comfort factor has brought a new challenge for the rest of the cars. So, it is very good is an underestimated word.

Tushaar   2015-07-04

I agree with the above feedback on the point that it is not good for cities because of the hugeness of the car. There is no other reason to really avoid this car. I mean, look at the fuel efficiency , offers both petrol and diesel in its variants and now what else do you really expect from the car. There is no other reason for me to avoid the car.

kanderu   2015-07-16

I agree with the above reply on the point that the car would have looked great if it had been small. Its huge space covered even during parking or when the car is on the run makes it very difficult to drive in cities especially. There is no doubt about the fact that the fuel efficiency and the pick -up is superb, but other factors are keeping back the buyers or the driver to use it more often.

Satish   2015-07-31

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