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How will I rate the fuel efficiency of Toyota Land Cruiser?

By: Vedansh on 23 june 2015

5 Answers:

The only available variant of Toyota land Cruiser, the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 VX (Diesel) has full fuel tank capacity of 93 liters. Now, if you consider the mileage of this SUV vehicle then you will find that it gives an average of 8 kilometers per liter within the city and 11 kilometers per liter in the highway. This suggests that if your road trips remain confined within the city then you can travel for at least 740 to 745 kilometers when the tank is full. Similarly, you can travel a distance of 1023 kilometers in the highway with the fully filled fueled tank of Toyota Land Cruiser. Thus, we can say that the car is considerably fuel efficient if you consider its big dimension.

Param   2015-06-23

The Toyota land cruiser could be considered to be a fuel-efficient car as it holds a capacity of 93 liters and that the average mileage is 8-11 kilometers per liters. Thus, the car offers good mileage and is also very fuel-efficient. The person can easily travel a long distance in the car if the tank is full. One can roughly travel bout 700-800 kilometers easily when the tank is full.

Arpit   2015-08-12

The Toyota land cruiser is a great SUV, thus, it is considered as one of the most fuel-efficient SUV car. It is considered as a luxury SUV, thus, the car offers an average mileage of around 8-11 kilometers per liters. So to calculate precisely, the car can be used to travel 1000 kilometers or so on the highway if the tank is full. All these factors make the car fuel- efficient and smart.

Yashwinder   2015-08-14

The Toyota land cruiser is an SUV and is considered to be one of the smartest SUV’s that have been designed by the Toyota brand. The car has a smart engine and can easily offer a mileage of around ten kilometers per liter. The car can travel for a distance as long as 700-800 kilometers if the tank is completely filled. It is a luxury SUV car, thus, thus sort of mileage can easily be tagged as fuel-efficient.

Shakti   2015-08-16

Land cruiser is a great SUV that has been designed by the Toyota brand. It was designed by the motive of being luxury SUV. Even though, the car is under the luxury bar, it still offers great mileage. The car can easily be used to travel long distances if the tan is filled. The car can travel a distance as long as 700-1000 kilometers on the city roads and highways.

varun   2015-08-18

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