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Which is better among Toyota Prius and Honda Accord?

By: Tejender on 15 october 2014

5 Answers:

Toyota Prius is a advancced hybrid technology car using 1.8L engine delivering 100PS power and Torque of 142Nm. It also features electric motor with capacity 650Volts and 60KW power and 207Nm Torques. It’s the best hybrid in the class so for. Whereas Honda Accord is pure luxury car with superb power and performance, luxury features. Its available in the range of 30 to 35Lakhs depending upon variant choosen. The image created by both differes. When Honda Accord gives you image of a richh person with passion for image. Prius is a unique luxury car which emphasises your concern for enveronment without compromising upon the personal image and status. To select one, if spending bit is extra is not a constraint then Prius is best. For play safe kind of thinking Honda Accord is best.

Sonal Gupta    2014-10-15

The features of Toyota Prius are very advanced as compared to its other competitors in the same price range. Its eco-friendly engineering technology, safety features and design has received high accolades. It has a long battery life and consumes less fuel. It has set a standard and benchmark for itself in the market. Toyota Prius is a combination of technology, style and luxury. Honda Accord is high performance delivering luxury car.

Madhuri   2014-10-31

Both Toyota Prius and Honda Accord are luxurious sedans. As of now, Honda has discontinued the Accord in India. Toyota Prius, though, is available for buyers. The discontinued version of Accord was not the hybrid one which Honda used to sale in US and European countries. So, definitely it is the Prius, which being a hybrid cause less air pollution than the Accord. Further, the fuel efficiency of Prius is also much higher than the Accord. Further, the after sales service of Toyota is way more superior than that of Honda's. Prius has also won many accolades for its safety features. Prius, however, demands 9-10 lakhs more than the accord for its ownership.

amit   2014-11-01

Yeah it’s true that Honda has discontinued the production of Honda Accord in 2014. However, it is rumoured that they are re-launching Honda Accord and that too the hybrid version in 2016. We have the Accord and I can say that it is a great, spacious, good looking sedan. Prius may belong to this much touted future-technology-club, but I do not find its looks as premium as Accord's. Further, price difference is also huge.

arun   2014-10-18

Recently, the German automobile maker has officially landed up with a facelifted version of its popular sedan VW Jetta. Both the interiors and exterior got some sensible changes making the car look more attractive. Jetta 2015 comes in 7 eye-catchy color shades i.e. Blue silk, grey platinum, Toffee Brown, Blue Silk, Reflex Silver, Deep Black and Pure White. Jetta is marketed in silver color that looks decent and attractive too. Also, you can try a newly added blue silver color.

Asad   2015-03-17

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