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Which is the nearest competitior for Prius, which is better?

By: Punit on 17 september 2014

8 Answers:

Toyota Prius is a unique car with fine combination of luxury and technology and environmental concern. Though there is no perfect competiton for it considering the power of electric motor and technology of changing mode instantly depending upon speed requirment of vehicle. The nearest contenter worth mentioning is that of Camry. Though both are from same manufacturer, Camry is very advanced in terms of power and luxury features besides the automatic transmission version, hybrid variant of it is also available. However at a smaller scale than that of Prius. So if you want to choose a Hybrid luxury car, you are recommended to take test drive of both Camry and Prius before finalysing the decision.

Sonal Gupta    2014-09-17

Toyota Prius and Hybrid Civic can be compared on basis of fuel efficiency, price, luxury and overall car quality. Hybrid Civic is indeed the nearest contender of Toyota Prius. With high fuel efficiency, appreciable mileage, great design and brand name of Honda, Hybrid Civic is surely a good buy. In case you are considering buying a luxurious hatchback with some compromise on mileage better go for Prius. Prius is undoubtedly costlier than hybrid Civic.

Sanchit   2014-10-22

The all new Toyota Prius is a hybrid car which runs over a powerful 1.8L petrol engine as well as a 60 kW electric motor combo to generate a power of 134 BHP and 142 Nm torque. It is a unique vehicle in its segment so there are no more ranges available. The new Toyota Prius comes in two variants, first is a 1.8L Z5 and the other one is also a same engine with more features and cost, i.e. Z6. It has very distinctive exterior and interior when compared to other hybrid vehicles. It has a very less carbon foot-print.

Prince   2015-06-10

Toyota offers a Hybrid engine powered by both petrol and electrical motor to generate more power and save fuel, hence it has a great mileage. The electric motor has been powered by a high output metal nickel for power supply to the electric motor. The different driving modes available in Prius give it ultimate power and some time it save the fuel as well depending on the requirement.

Shammit   2015-06-13

I have been a proud Toyota Prius owner from long time and I love everything about it. The exterior, interior, engine, technology, mileage everything is hybrid. The car gives a decent mileage of 22 plus always and its speed is awesome, I have driven it up to 200 KMPH. The car is light weight and superbly designed as well. There are only two hybrid cars available in India and both are from Toyota. Prius comes in two variants a 1.8L z5 and 1.8L z6 only.

Akshait   2015-06-15

Yes the hybrid car Prius from Toyota is only coming in two variants, Toyota Prius 1.8 L Z5 and Toyota Prius 1.8 L Z6. The z6 is better than Z5 in all the ways. Prius comes with a lot of security features like ABS, EBD, Traction Control, tested Crash safety body, active headrests, and airbags. Toyota enjoys monopoly in this segment as it is the only hybrid car manufacturer for Indian markets as this segment still need a lot of attention.

Naksh   2015-06-18

The segment is composed of some of the most versatile sedans like the Hybrid Civic, Toyota Camry and the Ubiquitous lower end versions like the Hyundai Elantra sedans to extent. However, the high profile hybrid technology that is common to Toyota and Honda cars in India limits the stiff competition to these two Japanese luxury sedan car makers. Given the exceptional polished and refined performances of both engines it is hard to tell a clear better car in terms overall quality.

Farman   2015-06-23

Toyota is a company well known for the production of fine cars which deliver better performance. Toyota Prius is a combinatorial product of luxury and ecologically friendly technologies. The car that comes to its comparison is the Toyota Camry which is of greater speed and power. But the Toyota Prius is the one with the smarter technologies. Another car that comes into the limelight of comparison is the Hybrid Civic. On the basis of fuel efficiency, these two cars can be compared. Prius provides slightly better mileage from the Honda Civic but the Civic, on the other, is cheaper of the two.

Jasveer   2015-06-29

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