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Should I consider buying Toyota Prius?

By: Sanbhav on 5 december 2014

9 Answers:

Buying a car depends a lot on what you want from a car. If MPG and uniqueness/icon status is what you looking for then this is a great car to buy. It offers beautiful and comfortable leather seating with a lot of leg room and good interiors. The dashboard display is well placed so that you don't have to take your eyes off the road to see your speed or distance you have traveled. But the car tends to roll and move around a little bit at highway speeds. Buy this car if you can get a good deal is my suggestion to offer.

Sonal Gupta   2014-12-05

Toyota Prius is the another hybrid car which is quite basic if we talk about the interior design and this hybrid also share smooth looks from its other family vehicles. There is no doubt that fuel economy numbers of this car are way far better than of its class but before buying conifer that this hybrid cost much more then the rivals, although engine performance and steering feedback is not well appealing. I recommended you to go for this car only when if you are more willing to pay for better fuel economy because this hybrid only provides average driving experience.

Pulkit   2015-01-16

Engine-Motor Hybrids is a relatively new concept in India. As this technology is still not indigenous, it is imported and the custom duty charges make Hybrids very pricey. If you are not that much particular about electric cars, you can get a lot of better options in same price bracket as that of Prius. However, if you want a quieter, peppier, different looking car with futuristic design and good fuel economy, Prius is made just for you.

Chahak   2015-01-22

I purchased Toyota Prius a year ago and I am absolutely in love with this car! I never leave a chance to take it out for a ride. It has great fuel economy compared to other competitors, which is an amazing feature. The dashboard display is great with all the information well placed on it. The noise of the engine inside the car is minimal as compared to other cars which make for a stressful driving.

Ankita   2015-06-16

Hey Ankita, I agree with you I have had a stress free and smooth driving experience with Toyota Prius. After driving this car for a long time, I realized that the motor is technologically updated and customized according to the roads and climatic conditions in India. It has lot of leg and head room which is important for me as everyone is tall in my family and the seating too is very comfortable.

Nishant   2015-06-17

I agree with Nishant and Ankita about the engine and the other features. I also love its gracious looks and futuristic impression. The car is peppier and very different looking from the rest of the cars of around the same price. The performance really impressed me in diesel as well as petrol. I think you should definitely buy it if you are looking for an amazing car with both looks and performance. It will definitely prove to be worth your money!

Vaibhav   2015-06-18

Buying a car can be a tricky decision and should be made by consulting different individuals and different websites that offer clear idea of what one wants and what a car provides. If uniqueness and mileage are important things then one should consider buying this car. Along with the hybrid nature, this car provides very good fuel efficiency. Moving into the interiors, this car has comfortable seats along with spacious interiors and room for placing the leg. Speaking about space and back trunk capacity there is no problem with this car. It can be switched to both electric motor and petrol motor anytime.

Sanchit   2015-06-29

You should consider buying the Prius if you are keen on saving the environment of obnoxious fumes emitted by almost all the automobiles plying on the roads because it is a conscious choice you make by spending on a hybrid vehicle like the Prius and taking responsibility for the environment. What's more, even Leonardo de Caprio owns one!

sujata bansal   2015-07-13

Toyota Prius is one of the first mass market automobiles launched by an automotive major like Toyota that promotes hybrid technology by using a combination of electric battery packs that can be charged using power sockets and the normal gasoline version that can be used once the car exhausts its batteries.

khushboo rana   2015-08-04

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