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How good is the suspension of Toyota Prius ?

By: Chaman on 2015-03-01

5 Answers:

Toyota Prius is the well-known and famous hybrid car in market which works form combined power of petrol and electrical. It is very much obvious that if car is running at two type of fuel i.e. petrol and electrical then that car is definitely heavier then the traditional four wheeler which means suspension system have to carry extra load. According to me extra load on suspension system could lead to damage and failure of suspension system so overcome this problem engineers from Toyota comes out with unique suspension system configuration. The unique suspension system of Toyota Prius includes  MacPherson struts (gas-filled shock absorbers with a stabilizer bar) for front wheel and to complete the suspension system engineers from Toyota installed Torsion beam (Trailing arms, gas-filled shock absorbers) for rear wheel. According to me this refined suspension system is enough for the car to move easily and efficiently on Indian road conditions.
Sonal Gupta    2015-03-01

Toyota Prius is amazing hybrid car from Toyota. The suspension system of this hybrid have to carry extra load of electric motor which gives helping hand to the petrol motor in order to increase fuel economy. The engineers of Toyota have keep everything in mind i.e. suspension system of Toyota Prius have lift engine, electric motor, passenger and also to perform well on these harsh road conditions. So engineers from Toyota installed MacPherson struts (gas-filled shock absorbers with a stabilizer bar) for the front suspension system and Torsion beam (Trailing arms, gas-filled shock absorbers) for the rear suspension system to complete. Overall suspension system of Toyota Prius is perfect to travel on Indian roads with amazing ability to absorb shocks even on bumpy roads with extra luggage i.e. extra electric motor, engine and all five passenger including driver. Basically in a nutshell Toyota Prius is the perfect hybrid car on which a particular buyer can invest.

Garuda    2015-15-01

Engineers have provided Toyota Prius with a sturdy suspension system to take care of the Indian road conditions. This system comprises of the redoubtable Macpherson struts along with gas-filled shock absorbers with a stabilizer bar for the front suspension system and Torsion beam with Trailing arms, gas-filled shock absorbers for the rear suspension system. This system provides the users a jerk free ride even on the unpaved roads.

Sunil    2015-23-01

Toyota Prius comes with a proficient suspension system coupled with reliable braking mechanism for comfort and safety. It is hybrid car that works combining the power of petrol and electrical, therefore the suspension system is uniquely designed to carry the extra load of electric motor. Its suspension system comprise MacPherson struts for front wheels and Torsion beam for the rear side. Overall, the suspension system effectively handles the bumps and shocks of Indian roads and assures a comfy and stable driving experience.

Asif    2015-11-06

The hybrid nature of the Toyota Prius enables this car to both be driven with petrol engine and the electric motor. The handling provided by this car is good and this feature is brought about using high performing suspensions. The suspension needs to be highly performing because of the fact that it supports the weight of the passenger, the weight of the whole car, the weight of the electric motor module and also needs to absorb most of the shock caused due to the bumps on the road. In conclusion, the car hardly feels a bump, making the ride a smooth one.

Sunny    2015-26-06

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