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What are the features available for easy handling of this car?

By: Mandeep on 3 january 2015

6 Answers:

Driving Prius is made fantastic with superb control features for easy handling of the car command zone around the centre cluster and the display zone of the center meter helps for handy information of complete status of the vehicle.Integration of highly advanced technology for selection of convenient mode of driving helps for best control over road and driving efficiencies.

TeamAutoportal   2015-01-03

Toyota Prius is amongst the real hybrids available in the market. It has been designed to give extra ordinary comfort and ride quality during driving conditions. All the controls are available in the central cluster. Prius can be driven in four modes- Auto, Eco, Power and EV. There isa a central screen called 'Eco-drive monitor' which displays the current mode of drive. Prius is also equipped with Vehicle stability Control system and Traction control system These control system work in tandem with electronic power steering to produce good driving stability on all surfaces.

Meghna   2015-02-07

Toyota prius is a luxurious sedan design to give utmost driving and sitting comfort. It has got amazing body control and easily absorbs bumps and jerks. You can even select the driving mode like ev, eco and power at your own convenience that gives a complete control over the vehicle. The informative Hybrid System Indicator indicates efficiently you’re driving and let you get most out of your car’s fuel efficiency. Also, head-up display gives you info such as speed, Hybrid System Indicator and navigation information.

Rohan   2015-06-06

Toyota prius works combining the power of petrol and electric motor hence the performance is commendable. It offers some of the best handling and controlling features including automatic transmission, command zone and display zone for peaceful and hassle-free driving. It gives an option to select the driving mode from ev, eco and power. The car got amazing suspension system that effectively handles its load and body control system for balanced ride. Its Hybrid System Indicator indicates how good you’re driving and assist the driver to get best fuel efficiency.

Pranjal   2015-06-19

There are several attractive features available on the Toyota Prius that make it the perfect car for easy handling, issue less travel and comfort. Prominently there is; automatic transmission, ABS and EBD, supplementary restraint system, engine immobilizer, 7 airbags, ventilated disc brakes. The powerful sedan also combines three driving modes of Power mode, Eco mode and Electric vehicle mode. Sharp electric power steering, adjustable and multi-function steering wheel and navigation system makes it easy to handle and maneuver the car.

Nilima   2015-06-16

There have been questions regarding the handling of this car, but this car has tried to reduce those concerns and turn this car into a better one. One of the main features that this car provides is the automatic transmission. The automatic transmission enables the driver both save a lot of fuel and frees the driver from additional headache of shifting gears up and down. The Prius is equipped with vehicle stability control system and traction control system to increase the handling of this car. This car also provides four driving modes like Auto, Eco, Power and EV in order to increase the handling.

Dhara   2015-06-26

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