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All the rivals of Volkswagen Ameo feature a four cylinder engine whereas it features only 3 cylinders. Why?

By: Subrata chatterjee on 2016-09-08

1 Answers:

A choice between 3 cylinders and 4 cylinders is made by the manufacturers mainly on basis of fuel efficiency. It is said that more often than not, a 3 cylinder engine should be more fuel efficient as compared to a 4 cylinder engine. Apart from this, the power difference between a 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder engines isn’t much, rather it is not noticeable and it is just a myth that a 3 cylinder engine will feel underpowered when the AC is on. If the 3 cylinders are big enough then they would deliver the similar power. Also, a three cylinder is pretty smooth and feels better when driven on highways as compared to the city because the delivery of power is uneven when engine is running idle and as the rpm rises, car feels better to drive. A 4 cylinder on the other hand would help make the car a city drive with comfortable and even power output.

If you talk about a 3 cylinder vehicle or a 4 cylinder vehicle then there are a lot of technicalities that are involved and would need to be understood. Basically, if there is a vehicle with 1200cc engine with a 3 cylinder engine it would mean that each cylinder will use up 400cc of volume, similarly for a vehicle with a 4 cylinder engine of 1200cc capacity, each cylinder will use up 300cc volume. 

Kiran    2016-09-08

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